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Honestly Kenchimp I think by the time we've developed the materials and procedures to do all those thoings we'll be well into stem cell therapy. But you brought me some food for thought. I honestly wonder if, offered synthetic replacements for my limbs that are super strong or fast or durable etc. etc. Would I not willingly trade in my organic parts? Upgrade myself to a cyborg? I suppose it would depend on the level of mantenance required for the prosthetics but I imagine with synthetic muscles and skin made of carbon nano-tubes, bones of high density light weight ceramic compounds and frictionless liquid joints I imagine those prosthetics would last much longer than my dumpy, natural limbs. However there's also the affect these will have on the body, their susceptibility to electromagnetic interference/radiation power supply etc. All the same I think I'd be on board if viable solutions were found for these problems...I'm gonna go lay Deus ex for a while haha.

Thu, 22 Sep 2011 03:32:27 UTC | #873817

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@ Youman #872805 Lee is introducing the possiblity that evolution applies not only to Living biomatter but also inorganic matter as well. The implications this would have are tremendous. consider designing the evolution of a single piece of matter so that it grows(evolves) into a ship or a plane or the cure for a disease or a house that is completely self sufficient and capable of recognizing the inhabitants and tailoring itself to meet their desires. It's like when you grow a plant in a dark room with a single source of light that youkeep moving around the room. you design the growth of the plant to meet your desires. He's talking about doing the same thing but from a much smaller source point to an exponentially and infinitely greater end. IE. growing a satellite from a fiew bits of matter.

He also makes an interesting point in suggesting that a naturally evolving ship/plane/satellite/whatever would be superior to its "synthetic" counterpart that was designed by engineers because of the rules of nature and evolution. Instead of relying on the minds of human beings to meet a standard we allow the infitely intuitive, creative and resourceful mind of nature herself to create to our ends.

Tue, 20 Sep 2011 01:52:53 UTC | #872910

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