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Go to: Godless Billboard in Fredericksburg; Banner in Religious Freedom Parade

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Maybe a printable file can be provided so anyone willing to put a poster in his/her window can simply print it out? (offcourse something that scales to A4 or maybe A2)

Mon, 09 Jan 2012 20:58:20 UTC | #906726

Go to: In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

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Sad day, sincere condolances to everyone.

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 12:19:35 UTC | #899709

Go to: Biology test omits creation theory, complains Kentucky educator

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It's beyond comprehension all this really, like those described mammoth caves, America might not have much history in the manner Europe has with all its medievel and older buildings still around, however pre-historic sites and fossils are in abundance and for a large part of the country these are easily visited, you would think this alone would inspire higher numbers in acceptance of evolotiun. Yet 40% of america or at least the group in control of that 40% seems bent on deliberatly ignoring the pink elephant in the room. Why are these people trying to be holier than the pope anyway? Even to this figurehead of all what's wrong in religion the evolution debate is a non-issue and even goes as far as suggesting followers should accept evolution or risk misunderstanding fundamentals of reality.

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 13:18:37 UTC | #899189

Go to: Halal and kosher hit by Dutch ban

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I would like to point out something about the PVV (that right wing freedom part) That party lead by Geert Wilders is in favor of this proposal however ever since this debate got heated and the jewish community got involved they have been notably quiet on the subject, this is my problem with Geert Wilders and his so called freedom party, they see the Islam as a threat to Dutch culture but consider Catholic and Jewish religion as part of that culture.

(aside from that, mr. Wilders is always all about freedom of speech, except when a school-teacher or ambassador utters some critisism towards him in that case they should be relieved of their duties)

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 13:31:39 UTC | #888186

Go to: Rachel Maddow Rips Anti-Abortion, Gay Marriage Bills (VIDEO)

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Quine, that's something i would like to see indeed,

Czar, i think your stats about gay mariage and relationships are incorrect, here in the Netherlands and Belgium (where gay marriage has been around for some time now) Statistics currently show that the amount of gay marriages terminated within the first five years are 2.8% against a shocking 52,6% on the Heterosexual side of the fence, it is however also mentioned that the percentages for gay-mariages will go up over time as it becomes easier for gay-couples to get married (even though it's legal they reason, it's still a larger step for gays because of the social stigma kept alive by people like you, wich results in the ones getting married right now really really wanting it skewering the figures a bit) However, of those 52,6% hetero sexual couples getting divorced, ill bet an arm and a leg there were a lot of innocent children involved.

Studies in the Netherlands have also shown that a gay married couple actually again has a higher chance of providing a stable two-parent home compared to hetero-sexual couples, since gay people dont get accidental preganancies or a fifth kid that they really didn't want and so on (basicly it boils down to the same reason as in the first part, because it so much harder for a gay couple to get a kid, they show much more dedication in providing it with a stable two-parent enviroment)

Also on the note of gays in general relationships, in countries like the Netherlands where beeing gay has been more widely accepted for quite some time now, the amount of cheating and stuff compared to hetero couples is also stabilizing, here the reasoning is that since they dont have pick and choose their moments where they are "allowed" to be gay, they don't go "all out" anymore.

Sat, 01 Oct 2011 18:41:08 UTC | #876987

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