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Go to: Military Proselytizing by the Gideons – and how we stopped it.

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I've been in the Army for several years now, and religion is thrown in everyone's face all the time. I can't say I was ever given a brief by the Gideons at MEPS, but I certainly remember their bibles being widely distributed. The Chaplain Corps is an institution that needs to be cast out in its present form. The religious nonsense spewing from the Chaplain Corps on a daily basis makes Army life difficult for non-believers. "Let us pray" is a command given at each change of command ceremony, and every Soldier is expected to bow his or her head. Prayers are offered up at almost every function. Each time a chaplain offers up a prayer, I'm surprised how my head is the only one not bowed in a room of hundreds. It's difficult for me to believe I'm the only atheist every place I go. If there are other atheists in the units I've been in - and I'm sure there are - they have been very quiet. I believe that the chief concern is backlash; no one wants their lack of belief to affect their careers. I myself have been fairly open about my non-belief, and I haven't suffered as a result yet. I'm sure, however, most of my co-workers do not know that I'm an atheist. I'm sure if word really got out, my career could possibly be in jeopardy. Christianity is a big part of the Army culture. I had one brigade commander who told a group of my fellow Officers that if we had "strayed in our faith", we had better find it again quickly. Without faith, he said, we could not be good leaders. "Soldiers need an explanations about the violence of war that only faith can give," he asserted. "When a Soldier is dying and he asks for you to pray with him, you had better be ready offer spiritual guidance." Most people are completely clueless that transcendence, goodness, courage, and words of guidance and comfort are all possible without god.

I recently arrived at a new duty station, and was promptly asked my "religious preference". The chaplain was extremely concerned when I told him "no religious preference". He began to ask probing questions about my religious background, and he wants to "get together sometime to talk about" my lack of faith. He had better be careful. He might just lose his faith.

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 05:41:43 UTC | #945809

Go to: In U.S., 46% Hold Creationist View of Human Origins

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Looks like we're the same Kentucky fried country we always were. I think this also shows that our science programs for children are sorely lacking. Daniel Dennett said recently that drastic increase in available information (i.e. internet) will force people to abandon religion, but we can see there has been no change in the past 30 years from this poll. I think that while it is true that people have large volumes of information on science that is readily available for consumption, religious dogma and pseudoscience are also readily available. We are obviously losing this war with religion.

I would also like to point out that science isn't the only discipline that is under assault. False history is being fed to kids on a daily basis. I think my fellow atheist friends would be surprised to find that a large number of children are being taught ridiculous pseudohistory. There are various "educational" materials out there that tell a "God-centered" view of world history and American history. Kids grow up believing that the Founding Fathers were "God fearing" men, who were guided by the Holy Spirit or about the times when Abraham Lincoln fell to his knees in prayer (yes... There are history books with completely made-up stories). The major culprits spreading pseudohistory and pseudoscience are Bob Jones University and A Beka - catering mostly to Christian schools and homeschoolers (both are plentiful in the US).

There is a double-whammy assault on education in this country, with religious nuts taking teaching false history and science. Until we deal with both of these fronts, the poll numbers are not going to change.

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 19:05:08 UTC | #945531

Go to: Christopher Hitchens makes first public appearance in months

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I can't believe it. I have four days of sitting around doing nothing here in Texas. If I had known these two were a couple hours away, I'd have gone. I'm glad to see Hitch on his feet.

Mon, 10 Oct 2011 05:36:35 UTC | #879309

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