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Poor our friend Steward. It seems to me that some of the comment shifted away from the essence of the problem. It is not necessary to talk about Russian history and Russians to the Russian, especially from people who did not live there (my apology to exceptions). It seems to me that what is troubling him is that he does not understand the psyche of people who "suddenly" decide to be religious, when just until yesterday they were not, (though they grew up in the same community). If it is a subject of selling once beliefs – why do they sell? What does religion offer and why it is accepted from the social and moral standpoint. I would like to hear Steward, after all these comments, ... in any case - good luck! :)

Tue, 07 Aug 2012 11:22:30 UTC | #950487

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I hope that you will not understand this as an insult, but it seems to me that your love at this stage is quite selfish. I can understand if you have small children. You are now at the stage when you want to protect them from everything, ... now you are a parent, but when they grow up you will have to find that your children are individuals, and that they know to care about their life without mum and dad. I hope you understand that in this claim to be forever linked in some way, there is some selfishness in love. I think that love also means deep respect for individuals and 100% belief in their responsibility (once they grow up), because anyone can be responsible only for oneself. When your kids grow up you'll probably realize that they alone are responsible for their life and their actions, you will, as an adult, have deep respect for this ... you will stop being a parent. After all, if as an adult you feel you need to take responsibility for adult children, then you may be the one who has not grown up and are placed superiorly toward your "children", thus showing that you do not trust them. Then maybe it could mean that you are a child and you need security in the form of superior being - god. Please understand that your children will already be an extension of you in the future, once you die. Because your genes will continue to live in them. You are immortal though them anyway. Only your wish to be in the far future (forever) with them is selfish. But perhaps it is understandable because your children are very small. Good luck.

Sat, 04 Aug 2012 07:42:23 UTC | #950396

Go to: Rise of religion in Russia

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Same thing is here in Croatia and other former republics of SFR Yugoslavia. After and during the war, the church suddenly became very important. Religion has always been associated with nationalism and politics, and I believe that this is one of three big vampires on the planet. These are politics, religion and crime, deeply interconnected from the beginning. They are brothers. I regret that in Russia is the same thing as in Croatia. Besides that I think that religion is brother to politics and crime, religion may be attractive as a community for those who feel insecure when they are no longer equal and therefore secure in society because society has changed itself to independence and individualism. For some people, religious community represent safety. However, I believe that is a different thing, because here in Croatia you are only good Croat if you are a Catholic!! Ghastly! Nationalism (religion) and crime.

Mon, 30 Jul 2012 18:54:27 UTC | #950317

Go to: Genocide: What is behind irrational evil perpetrated by ordinary people?

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I live in Republic of Croatia. One of formers Social Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. I was in my twenties, when war raged on that territory. Genocide? Croatian did that on Serbs, Serbs did that on Croatians, and both did it to Bosnians. Croats wanted Great Croatia, Serbs wanted Great Serbia – ethnically pure nation. But in my opinion, that is only a term, because sometimes I think that „genocide“ is a political term (a politically correct mask) which is used to justify barbarism, savage, and slaughter that exists only for one simple reason, and that reason is that slaughter was allowed. Trust me – ones when doors that allowed one human being to kill (butcher) other are opened, there are no rules. There is no plan to kill. No big picture like „genocide“ (that is the term that is given later, after slaughters). Butchers kill for pleasure. Only when the hunt season is open, you have political excuse in „genocide“.

Wed, 11 Apr 2012 20:04:37 UTC | #933984

Go to: ‘How do atheists find meaning in life?’

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I am an atheist, and my life is not meaningless. I am here because I am a product of certain symbiosis of hereditary material of my parents. If there has to be a higher purpose of my existence, I would say romantically: I exist so I can enable a nature of Cosmos to reveal itself. That how important we are!

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 13:36:02 UTC | #909787

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