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Regardless of any clinically-accepted psychological disorders, I'm not sure how different this Bengali phenomenon is from an American president who chats with God, a belief in talking snakes and Semitic zombies and virgin births, a certainty that eating an unleavened wafer will remove an imaginary disease from an imaginary part of your body (sin from the soul, videlicet), or that unless you homeschool them then a demon will enter your children's bodies the first time they ever hear about homosexuality or unionism.

And of course the certainty that chanting to an omnipotent (but utterly unable-to-protect Himself against secular-humanist thought and persecution by a 6 percent minority of skeptics) Super Dude before game-time will change the accuracy of kicks and passes and jumpshots.

Let's not be so hasty in smiling with technocratic scorn at those wacky little people way down there. Puppy pregnancy has as much evidence for it as our collective fantasies. At the very least it's got correlations with heartburn and acid reflux. Ours are only correlated with having some old book and some guys on Fox having said it was so.

Sun, 20 Nov 2011 18:15:25 UTC | #891783

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