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Psychosis has a negative ring to it. You must not differentiate to much. We tend to give names to states of mind or situations that have the same source. Think back 150 years, no cars, ipods, unions, watches and tv, how would you call stress or a workaholic, don't say we didn't have them. Go back 200.000 years, a blip in evolution terms what would make you tick? Culture, memes as R.Dawkins calls them, is the way you can connect to a group, you adapt the habits of your parents, school and neighbourhood wich are in common good for the group. Mass psychosis is only for the good for the leaders, they don't care much for their followers. Nero was a 'good' one, as was hitler, my guess is That this jesus character was a smooth talker (if he ever existed).

Don't get carried away, we don't deserve the credit, we are evolutionary disaster areas, we use up our resources, that narrows down our life expectancy which is not very evolutionary friendly

Regards atze.

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 22:09:44 UTC | #900034

Go to: The power of belief: Puppy Pregnancy Syndrome: Men Who Think They Are Pregnant with Dogs

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The main problem is that we fail to accept the function of the brain, we are not rational thinkers but primates with an increased memory and compare capacity. Our strong urge to be the alpha human blocks our acceptance of being a naked monkey version 2.0 What is the brain doing? It stores information from eyes, ears, nose and touch. Next it compares the input with already stored information (learned). Funny thing is that stored information can come from many sources eg lessons from our parents or own experience. But also movies, games and anything our sensors can pick up like stories. The more the input clashes with our comfort zone the more detail is stored because it is an important lesson, that is why we remember some things longer and better than others. It is also the reason why time seems to speed up as we get older, input can easily be traced to experiences from the past, when we are young the brain does not find similar input and is occupied longer and more intense.
Anybody can eventually be brought to think anything, call it brainwashing, you need to bring information in the brain that will be first in line when the brain starts comparing, we can do this by repeating the information and at the same time let the victim experience a warm feeling. Just like nicotine stimulates dopamine, thus letting people think smoking is great, when they are in fact choking in smoke. We do this with dogs as well, give them a treat when they obey, do this 3 times and they will connect the command with the treat and respond as planned. A close community has strong brainwashing capacity, we trust the people who live close to us. We trust them because we live with these people and we are still alive, if they were enemies, we would be dead, a simple rule of thumb from the jungle. We look for solutions but want to end with smart rational altruistic humans, this is wrong. We must look back, forget the gadgets of the last 150 years and most of the 200.00 years before. It took life 4 billion years to produce us, we did not make e giant leap in the last period. Forget psychiatrists, look at the animals and learn our real being, don’t be afraid to be a monkey 2.0 Want to learn more? please respond.

Mon, 28 Nov 2011 13:54:56 UTC | #893861

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