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Many people may be totally missing the reality that real people are really suffering.(Note the emphasis on reality - i.e. that which is real) Empirical observation will demonstrate that some people (i.e. humans) do find comfort in a belief in the existence of some entity which they think may be identified as God. That, my friends, can not be disputed.

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 23:18:36 UTC | #899341

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Oh we just love Alvin Plantinga! I taught his transworld depravity in the 90s without knowing he was still alive! Fortunately in my most recent incarnation as a teacher of religious studies, we have the internet, and have, with my A Level students, sent him a birthday card! Can any of you brilliant scientists please explain modal logic? I think I get it, but I can't explain it to my students. They don't need to know much about it for A Level, but do they need to know it for uni philosophy? He's great. I don't think I accept what he says - but you've got to admit it's brilliant. He has a following in our high school!!!

Thu, 15 Dec 2011 22:59:47 UTC | #899340

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And annie, don't forget, it's the Christians who are threatening people like myself with eternal hellfire for not believing. Now that would be an atrocity!

Why should we put up with bollocks?

Only a minority warn of the dangers of not being a Christian in terms of hellfire. Most educated Christians have moved on from that. It doesn't seem as if you do put up with it. Why should you indeed? Just don't get involved. Some posts say that religious views are a minority, and others say they are increasing. Some say they have almost gone, and others imply they are taking over! I must say that I can quite easily live my life without any religious input whatsoever if I want, except for teaching religious studies, which is academic, not experiential. Respecting the RIGHT of people to hold beliefs is fundamental to UK life. This is not the same as suggesting people have any right to make those beliefs an excuse for behaving badly, or treating others contemptuously. Making your own views known is a right you expect, so why get all het up when others exercise that right?

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 13:10:52 UTC | #898584

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Ah pet, you should have been British. Here we (I) teach Religious Studies in school, and we challenge every bit of Christian doctrine in lessons. We have atheists, Christians, Muslims, agnostics all in together. Our A' Level Religious Studies classes are great. Here in UK we have never had the science religion controversy until your Henry Morris and our Richard Dawkins got going. We ALL believed in Darwinian evolution theory. We believed in God as well, but it wasn't an issue, because very few people thought the bible was an account of events that actually happened. Sadly, the attack from dear ol' Dick (that's an English shortening of Richard - not an insult) and his mates has somewhat polarised the camps. A tip - find out what the first 3 chapters of Genesis really are - they are NOT creation stories. They are not even creation myths. They are not even wrong - they are something else! They are not, nor were ever intended, to be accounts of events that actually happened. Now, go do well in your science. Find the Higgs particle or whatever. Prove Darwin right by ironing out the anomalies, and tell your mother you will love her and respect her whatever she chooses to believe, and tell her that you expect that she will love you and respect you whatever you choose to believe. If she says she will pray for you - just say "Thanks Mum". As your countrymen say; Mitakuye Oyasin

Mon, 12 Dec 2011 20:31:12 UTC | #898353

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This is a sad story, and I suspect this was not in Europe, although I could be mistaken. The real answer of course is that SOME Christian groups depend on the bible absolutely. Their faith is in the bible. This is about as sad, in every usage of the word, as it gets. The study of religion as an academic subject, as in UK schools,and universities worldwide, challenges this view. When the bible is understood as a collection of very different types of literature written by (presumably) men, of faith, then there is no conflict whatsoever between anything that those who study the way the universe works, and those who believe there is an ultimate reality that can count as God. The first chapter of Genesis - it has a refrain, a chorus. It is a hymn, or poem of praise and thanksgiving for a beautiful world, Albeit by a theist, but one who was in all likelyhood sitting by a river, looking up at the stars, and having a numinous moment. An account of something that actually happened? He must be turning in his grave (not literally) to think of the fuss over his beautiful words. Genesis 2 & 3 - the Eden story. This is NOT a creation story, or even a creation myth. It is an aetiological myth about the origin of suffereing. Why, if God made the world, is there hardship and suffering? Bad choices! Simple! Although Dr Francesca whatshername (Atheist biblical studies lecturer from Exeter uni) has a wonderful theory that it's about Zedekiah and the fall of Jerusalem. To think that it is an account of events that actually happened is not only indefensible, but it is to miss the whole point. The bible is the word of human writers who believed in God. To say it is the word of God is idolatry or even blasphemy. How could Tillich's "God beyond God" be contained in a few words. That literalist position also gives ammunition to the intellectual lightweights who like to point out that the God of some OT stories sanctions mass slaughter. Belief in God is a defensible position, but belief that the bible is his word is not. I still like the forgiveness teaching of Jesus though.

Mon, 12 Dec 2011 19:50:42 UTC | #898336

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