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Comment 23 by danconquer :

Think of the difference between how a wasp 'decides' what it is going to do, versus how a human decides what it is going to do.

I don't understand really how there's necessarily a difference in the mechanism of decision making or the concept of agency there. There's certainly a significant difference in the data sets (sensory input, memory, etc) that are used in the calculation.

It feels more like philosophy than science to me.

But that's sort of Sam's whole point. People tend to classify anything that's not fully explainable by science during a given era as being part of philosophy or metaphysics. There's a difference between "not explainable by currently tested scientific principles" and "will never be able to be explained by science".

The domain of science will continue to grow and rob from other domains. I don't think there's a reason to wave a dismissive hand at everything not currently understood scientifically. That's what religion does! You practice the "Philosophy of the Gaps".

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 22:15:57 UTC | #923588

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Comment 5 by Steve Zara :

From Harris' writings, I expect nothing new. This has been the subject of discussion for thousands of years, including the implications of determinism.

Sam's writing resonates with me for some reason and I've found that even when he isn't treading new ground, his arguments are written in such a way that they provoke a lot of thought and consideration.

I'm looking forward to it - the big decision is whether to by it by clicking the RD referral link above, or the referral link from Sam's own site!

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 19:54:16 UTC | #923541

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Comment 4 by Sjoerd Westenborg :

*Santorum mode on *

Anything that reduces faith is must be invented by Satan and inherently evil. Science can't disprove that.

One would hope that most religious people speak of "Satan" metaphorically to reference evil or temptation. I think that Santorum actually fears an angry man with a pitchfork and a pointy tail, or Dante's bat-winged monster!

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 21:40:14 UTC | #922906

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I think it's fantastic that Santorum is getting some spotlight time, and I hope he wins the nomination (at which point he will be crushed by Obama).

Exposure can only help raise awareness about exactly how batshit these people are. It has certainly opened some conversational doors for me and my religious friends ("Can you believe that in 2012 adults are debating contraception?").

Even conservatives flinch when he mentions wanting to "vomit" because of a JFK speech about the separation of church and state, or when he calls Obama a "snob" for encouraging education. The interesting thing about Santorum is that he isn't pandering: he obviously ACTUALLY believes the crazy things that come out of his mouth.

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 21:34:44 UTC | #922901

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Comment 20 by Premiseless :

I feel your confusion. How rational is it to slate theism for its wild assertions then celebrate alongside it when its good to party?

A large number of people were celebrating this time of year far before Christianity came along!

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 19:36:28 UTC | #898959

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