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Go to: What's the Place of Faith in Schools?

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Very much enjoyed this debate. The fact that a lot of christians do not actually read the bible but call themselves christians thinking that the bible is full of good moral teachings is what happened to me.

I was very suprised when i saw the excellent documentary 'The root of all evil' which quoted passages from the bible of god telling you to kill your brother, sister, son, daughter, wife and best friend. (deuteronomy 13 verse 7 - 12)

I grew up as a roman catholic and had no idea that these passages existed. I dug my old bible out and started reading from the beginning. By the time i had got to leviticus and deuteronomy with all the illogical stories, mass murder, rape, and genocide i had become an atheist.

The point i am trying to make is that the 2011 census and the mori poll shows that a lot of people out there are just like i was, so when we say you cannot get your moral guidence from the bible we need to quote the actuall passages to them, and tell them the chapter and verses if they dont believe you. Then when they look it up they will see it for themselves.

How can you get moral guidance from an ancient book that tells you to kill you family, murder everyone in a city, rape your enemies daughters, keep slaves and beat them, etc, etc.

How can a school that teaches that belief in the christian god and jesus is the only way to heaven and everlasting life and that all other beliefs lead to gods torture chamber called hell be a good thing to teach children? Likewise, if a child is born into the muslim faith and decides to leave it when he is older he is called an apostate and is faced with death in many countries according to islamic law.

Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:50:40 UTC | #921610

Go to: Is Britain a Christian country?

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Amazed that someone would bring up that 400 odd years ago one of RD's ancestors was a slave owner, like that had any bearing on the discussion. If anything it adds to the arguments against believing in religion because the church also owned slaves, and justified it with passages condoning slavery in the bible. My ancestors were probably slave owners and/or slaves too (the slave owners had many illigitimate mixed race offspring with their slaves). On a more positive note it was good to see the debate about donating organs end on a more agreeable note.(apart from the one mad muslim woman who said she would let her child die instead of accepting a life saving organ). We all know this kind of thinking is coming to an end.

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:35:50 UTC | #919841

Go to: BREAKING NEWS: Atheist Professor Head of New TERROR MOVEMENT

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Arent there any atheists in government who can talk some sense into the rest of them?

I heard that the 'Deputy prime minister' Nick Clegg is an atheist but he is probably hiding under his bed and too scared to speak out in the name of reason.

Maybe we should all contact him and ask him to use his influence?

Sat, 18 Feb 2012 21:29:27 UTC | #919366

Go to: Saudis sentence Australian man to 500 lashes for blasphemy

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Im sure there can be a diplomatic solution to this. The australian prime minister should get a U.N. resolution against the saudis commiting any barbaric religious punishment act against any foreign citizen including American citizens, british citizens, etc etc. If they break the resolution it should be considered an act of war. Eventually their own saudi citizens will demand the same protection from this madness and put an end to it once and for all. But it will have to begin with a rational and secular world leader having the courage to stand up to these zealots.

A religion thats likes to consider itself the 'religion of peace' should have no trouble interpreting its holy book in a peaceful manner and not breaking the resolution.

Fri, 09 Dec 2011 19:31:39 UTC | #897225

Go to: Saudis sentence Australian man to 500 lashes for blasphemy

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Why doesnt the prime minister of Australia do something to protect her citizens. She should demand that he is not whipped and tell the saudi government that it is immoral, barbaric, and totally unacceptable. She should call for the support of the other secular countries at the united nations to boycott the country and remove her ambassadors until the sentence is revoked. It is about time that countries who act in this way are reminded that this is the 21st century and there are great rewards for being rational and severe consequences if you are not. The Australian leader is an atheist and its about time she made a moral stand to protect her citizens against this madness. I'm sure she will get the support of other major world leaders.

Fri, 09 Dec 2011 18:54:58 UTC | #897205

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