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carl sagan by far. to bad hes not alive anymore :(

Thu, 17 May 2012 04:26:37 UTC | #941969

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Comment 83 by Rational Ape

I dont think you " blew" my comment out of the water apparently you didnt even bother to read it. Ill say this again and quote myself "I dont subscribe to string theory but i will not dismiss it or down their work, they are doing scientific research and in the end if they can prove something great, if they can observe something never seen befor sweet, if not they are scientist and will accept the findings and move on unlike religion"
What i mean by this is string theory's contributions to mathematics and science just google the mathmatical discoveries found during string theory research. Most of the time in science of a specific field they go out and search for a specific thing and end up finding something completly differnt. This is great work, If string theorist contributed nothing to science or math then i would say its been a big waste of time and as you would say rubbish but even now just google einstein and you will come up with a million general relativity is wrong or rubbish even if one aspect of einsteins theory is incorrect such as the speed of light, it does not destroy the theory all you would have to do is adjust the model since we witnessed neutrinos moving faster then light, but findings after that suggest this ill quote the official article.

By Robert Evans, Reuters / November 21, 2011 Geneva

An international team of scientists in Italy studying the same neutrino particles colleagues say appear to have travelled faster than light rejected the startling finding this weekend, saying their tests had shown it must be wrong. The September announcement of the finding, backed up last week after new studies, caused a furor in the scientific world as it seemed to suggest Albert Einstein's ideas on relativity, and much of modern physics, were based on a mistaken premise.

The first team, members of the OPERA experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory south of Rome, said they recorded neutrinos beamed to them from the CERN research center in Switzerland as arriving 60 nanoseconds before light would have done.

IN PICTURES: CERN's Large Hadron Collider But ICARUS, another experiment at Gran Sasso – which is deep under mountains and run by Italy's National Institute of National Physics – now argues that their measurements of the neutrinos energy on arrival contradict that reading. In a paper posted Saturday on the same website as the OPERA results, the ICARUS team says their findings "refute a superluminal (faster than light) interpretation of the OPERA result." They argue, on the basis of recently published studies by two top U.S. physicists, that the neutrinos pumped down from CERN, near Geneva, should have lost most of their energy if they had travelled at even a tiny fraction faster than light. But in fact, the ICARUS scientists say, the neutrino beam as tested in their equipment registered an energy spectrum fully corresponding with what it should be for particles traveling at the speed of light and no more. Physicist Tomasso Dorigo, who works at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the U.S. Fermilab near Chicago, said in a post on the website Scientific Blogging that the ICARUS paper was "very simple and definitive." It says, he wrote, "that the difference between the speed of neutrinos and the speed of light cannot be as large as that seen by OPERA, and is certainly smaller than that by three orders of magnitude, and compatible with zero." Under Einstein's 1905 theory of special relativity, nothing can travel faster than light. That idea lies at the heart of all current science of the cosmos and of how the vast variety of particles that make it up behave. There was widespread skepticism when the OPERA findings were first revealed, and even the leaders of the experiment insisted that they were not announcing a discovery but simply recording measurements they had made and carefully checked. However, last Friday they said a new experiment with shorter neutrino beams from CERN and much larger gaps between them had produced the same result. Independent scientists said however this was not conclusive. Other experiments are being prepared – at Fermilab and at the KEK laboratory in Japan – to try to replicate OPERA's findings. Only confirmation from one of these would open the way for a full scientific discovery to be declared.

So are you one of these quick to call science that has not been disproved rubbish? In the end you cant "prove" string theory is rubbish any more then i can prove god does not exist, at least the research in string theory is contributing to the knowlege of the human race where as beilief in god kind of takes it away. We cant observe blackholes directly just their effects such ass sucking in stars, so is belief in black holes a religion? thats like a theist saying we cant observe god but all the miracles that science cant explain are the observations of the effects of god--- i know its absurd--- But the same logic can be used.

As for the dodecahedron i think you missed the point i was trying to make as well as i was asking to be corrected in a differnt context.

Ill say this again i dont subscribe to stringtheory but i wont denounce it till its done and no longer researched and im glad it has contributed to the knowlege of mankind.

sorry fot the messed up post grammar/ spelling but ive just worked 14 hours im tired and i really just dont care if your intelligence is above 1st grade you should comprehend this comment :)

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 22:38:10 UTC | #910352

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Comment 80 by TeraBrat The math works after they added several dimensions to force it to work. Kind of how they made the planet orbits work by using a convoluted system to show that the earth was the center of the universe and everything moved around it in the Middle Ages. I just don't buy it. I gave them the benfit of the doubt for a while but even with LHC they can't provide a single shred of testable evidence.

The universe is a mathmatical harmony i just find it strange that adding the 11 dimentions would level out the calculations so easily and everything else just magically falls into place just using that number, unless something is there, Then being able to merge it allmost effortlessly with the calculations from general relativity. Why the magic number of 11 why not ,6,8,45,32,16 why will it only work with that the number 11 these are questions a thinking mind must take and not dismiss no matter the volume of observations or lack of. I find it interesting that the number 11 fits so well whats missing? To my knowlege (correct me if im wrong) but there is no shape that exceeds the 12 sided dodecahedron just funny that the 11 is so close to that number maybe they are missing some spatial dimension/ temporal dimension or something else that we have no clue about. As for the LHC its a great human advancement in science but even hawking himself has stated " the lhc does not produce enough power to even remotly observe any aspect of super symmetry it would take an lhc the size of our entire galaxy to produce such results" maybe hawking is crazy maybe susy is dead, maybe neutrinos can travel faster then light, these are questions that must be asked and maybe never answerd. I dont subscribe to string theory but i will not dismiss it or down their work, they are doing scientific research and in the end if they can prove something great, if they can observe something never seen befor sweet, if not they are scientist and will accept the findings and move on unlike "religion" do you actually think people will stop believing in god even if they have 100% proof no god created this universe, no god ever existed, and we are just a random occurence in a universe that just so happend to promit life i doubt it. I sure dont thats why i can say that string theory is not a religion.

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 19:24:41 UTC | #909915

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yes hahahah "if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe." Sagan was epic definatly one of the most important minds of history. Dont disrespect your cat like that sagan is an awesome name lol :)

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 14:43:56 UTC | #909811

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Comment 75 by TeraBrat

But there's an even more disturbing new religion that DOES make irrational scientific claims; strig theory. String theory has all the hallmarks of a religion. It's untestable and therefore unprovable, and yet people flock to it. "Scientists" flock to it. I don't get it.

Most scientist dont flock to string theory. Just watch anything that lawrence krauss doess hes allways picking on string theorist. Most of the scientist in the string theory field infact base most of their theories off mathmatical calculations, the calculations inturn become thier observations. I wouldnt classify string theory as a religion many of einstiens predictions were not "observed" at the time he proposed them and they were not a religion as they were later observed to be true. The only reason most scientist even accept string theory as plausible is the amount of math that mirrors the theory.

Wed, 18 Jan 2012 21:12:23 UTC | #909631

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