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Up to 2.2Bn?... and they reckon it's only 100m?... Hmmmh... I may be wrong but I'm sure Big J wasn't quoted as saying "Render unto Caesar a bit less than 5% of that which is Caesar's".

Mon, 27 Feb 2012 01:28:24 UTC | #922295

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As usual the comments are addictive reading...

However, it's sad to note that 'believers' are missing the point entirely and, as usual, knocking someone, (i.e. Prof. Dawkins), who has simply facilitated the gathering of certain information in order to try and have a healthy, and much needed, debate.

It’s rather telling that instead of reviewing and discussing what the Christian citizens of the UK have presented to us via the Ipsos/MORI poll, the ‘religious’ amongst us prefer to drag the posts down into the usual emotive, unwinnable attempts at ‘brinkmanship’, (unwinnable, at least, in such forums as these!).

The data, from Christians themselves, shows that the majority are ‘Christian’ in name only. e.g. Qu.11: Less than a third (30%) have ‘strong belief’, and a fifth (20%), specifically answered they would not refer to themselves as ‘religious’. Less than a quarter (23%) said the Bible was spot on with regard to morals, and only 10% said they get their morals from ‘Religious texts/Bible’. (n.b. The bit I really liked was that of the Christians surveyed almost two thirds (61%) accepted at least some inkling of truth in Astrology, with 7% believing in it completely! :D

So, instead, of the usual ‘gut feel’ Theist contribution can we perhaps have an un-emotive debate about what this enlightening Ipsos/Mori gathered information means for us all? e.g. The rise of Faith Schools; the obsession in politics with exhibiting ‘belief’; Bishops in the House of Lords; etc.

Thu, 23 Feb 2012 11:09:44 UTC | #920999

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I'm sorry to lower the tone... but I'm currently playing Scrabble online and consequently, almost immediately, perceived 'Turin Shroud' as saying 'Nourish Turd' :D

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 03:11:15 UTC | #901845

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