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Congratulations my friend, for this act of courage and self-discover.

Now, what I want to say to you, to help you find a new "spirituality", is this:

First of all, look at the stars. Try to imagine how big they are. And how even more big is the distance they are. Even our own Sun is so distance that we can imagine the correct picture. Don´t worry, our limited intellect was not made to imagine the universe. We can only imagine things that are important to our survival; even a mountain is a real challenge to our brain.

But just know that we are incredibile small compared to the universe. So small that we can´t even say that we exist in it.

Now, one thing that always amazed me is that the universe is not aware of its own greatness.

We are.

If (and when) the universe disappear, it will not notice. The universe won´t cry or feel sad for it. It will return to nothingness in the same way it came from the void - completely unconscious.

But... we will. We and any other of our (probable) cosmical brothers that share our one gift, that makes our existance unique.

Our consciousness.

We, human beings, and other beings with that same gift throughout the universe, if any exists, are the small cosmical dusts that gives one tiny sense for the existence. In my opnion, all religions focus to much on the after life. I think that is because we fear the end of life, the return to the cosmical dust from where we came. But I think they focus on the wrong aspect of life.

The most important aspect of life is LIFE. Because it is so beautiful, so... divine. Much more than any God

Wed, 28 Dec 2011 18:39:34 UTC | #903350

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Do you guys know what I think its REALLY funny? I never saw an atheist going into a church to say to those people that what they are talking are all rubbish... At most, we do it in neutral ground, and when we are given the oportunite to do it...

But here we are, an space to discuss ATHEISTIC OPNIONS, but hey! our theistic "friends", "thanks God!!!" appear to show how idiots we are, and how wrong our ideas are...

I mean, that such a relief, to know that we can have the help of our theistic friends, even if we did not asked for it, to stoping us from thinking from ourselves, and from having any forbiden idea, according to some book that has hold the absolute true for some thousands of years...

By the way, the precious "logic", made guys like Plato to say that we are made of fire, water, air and earth. Well, but thats logic! Who can´t see that!

Also my friend, my "Cogito ergo Deus est" (thanks God my mother language is of Latin origin... So Latin is much esier to understand to me than english, for exemplo), even if all the assumption that our modern science and even philosophy were completely wrong, even if evolution was the dream of a sick mind, and the quantum was the delusions of a madman, and the relativity was a collusion scheme made by the nazi (yes, I know, I have a fertile mind), NONE OF THAT WOULD PROVE THAT YOUR GOD EXIST! It would only prove that we had been a band of fools for the last 2 centuries.

Until now, all you made was to attack the scientific theories. You know, the old tactic of attacking the person, but not disprove the theory. Well, I challenge you than, who loves logic so much, to show your arguments - but listen well, it will be of no use to try to prove evolution or other x scientific theory is wrong - about why is so logical that God exists.

By the way, the romans would much more like say "Cogito, ergo JUPITER est", but thats just my opnion...

Good luck with your thesis

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 11:38:51 UTC | #901898

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Well, in my opnion, all this questions are just ridiculous... First of all, even if this silly silk is from the I century (and in my modest opnion, this is just one more magical "piece of the crux" or another "holy graal", like so many others that used to apear from time to time in the medieval age - and that still do), that does not prove that it was used to cover Jesus body (that is, if this person indeed existed). Thousands were crucified by the romans in the course of history. Maybe this cloth was used to cover the body of the thief Barrabas. (!!!picture the religious hysteria!!!).

AND.... Even if IT WAS "our" lord Jesus Christ, this cloth DOES NOT prove that he reversed death and climbed in a cloud, where now he observe everything that we do now.

I mean... Well, its useless, some people just never stops to belive in SANTA CLAUS...

Wed, 21 Dec 2011 19:27:26 UTC | #901767

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First of all, I would like to apologize for any gramatical error; english is not my mother language, and I learned it by myself, so I may have some errors in my learning.

Well, I was born in Brazil and have lived my hole life in this country. Also I'm a very odd case of atheist, a rare case; I like to say that I was BORN atheist. Thats because both of my parents were atheists, and they always educated me as such. So, nothing im my life was more strange than the phenomenon of faith. I alwas saw it as the most irrational and inexplicable beravior of nature.

Well, as this puzzle eluded my for a grear amount of my life, I started to engage in a romantical affair.

With a girl that is catholic. But not just any kind of catholic. I'm talking about the kind of catholics that belives in the God that was raised by parthenogenesis, and that was able to reverse the entropic state of death, and that could transmutate the matter, for example, changing water to wine.

Well, we have somethings in commom I guess. And by the way, my girlfriend is not a person without proper education; quite opposite, she is finishing her PhD in biochemistry, and wishes to became a resercher cientist.

Indeed, in Brazil be an atheist is worse than being possessed by a demon. The funny thing is that I can only talk about my belives with my parents, some of my friends who are also atheists, and my girlfriend. She listens patiently to everything I have to say. And I can even see the reason working in her brain. But them, she ignores all reason, and put it aside, and continue with her belives.

Seeing this pattern of behavior, I now belive that reason cannot overcame EMOTION. I guess a person cannot listen to the voice of reason if there are emotions that muffles those sounds. For exemple, my girl became, temporary, atheist, because of my influence, and I had a herculean job in achieving this. She was emotionally read for reason in this area at the time, and I worked in a way to not harm her emotional predisposition and put her back into her armor.

Well, a lot of personal problems (including problems with me that had nothing to do with the issue) revolved the same emotions that clouded her, so I dare say that perhaps I'm the first person to see an reversed convertion to atheism, or wathever you would like to call it. The important thing is that now she is once again a beliver in the absurds.

But now that those problems are gone, and her emotional state is once again receptive to reason, I'll make her once again atheist...

I guess that what I have to say is that reason can only work when we can overcame our emotions. For exemple, is very dificulty for anyone (including Freud himself) to reason about any personal emotion. I guess everyone knows the history of Freud when his father died; well, he did not liked his father very much. But he loved his mother. But when his mother died, he cried just a little; paradoxically, when his father died, he was inconsolable. He could not understand why this was happening. Thus, he started his famous self-analysis that lasted for a long period (I'm very sorry, but I can´t remember know how long it took, but I know that was in the matter of years - psychology is not my area of specialty). Today, the pratice of self-analysis is not recomended by any kind of specialist that studies the human behavior, because the perseption of one-self is always obscured by his emotions.

So, if you want to reason with a theist, prepare his emotions first. Make sure that the person is emotionally read to listen to reason; otherwise the emotion will cloud the reason, no matter how absurd this may look.

One good tactic is to show that the person does not need to live in a Universe created by God to feel safe. Because one of the good reasons that makes people clings to their theistic belives is safety. Start showing that an atheist person can be good and kind. Also, that God, hypothetically speaking, wold apreciate more an atheist that have being a kind and good person in life, than a theist that observed all the rituals of the religion she had in life but was a perverse person. This kind of argument will not make a person abandon its childish belives per se, but it will open its emotional armor, so you can begin to infuse reason.

Well, at least thats what worked for me.

And now, just to polish my own emotional armor, I would like to say: Thank "God" I was born an atheist!

Good luck my fellow compatriot Carlos

Tue, 20 Dec 2011 17:33:33 UTC | #901425

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