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I just had a crazy thought... could Atheism finally unite the world? Is it beginning? What a thought. What a brave man Hazrat is. The Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights Era come to mind. True courage in the face of overwhelming hate and fear.

Tue, 10 Jan 2012 00:54:19 UTC | #906777

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Hah! I once asked my Catholic landlord what made him so sure that God was good and not bad; look at his track record. I swear, the look on his face could never be duplicated and I worried for a while he might evict me!

I don't know how the war, famine, pain, suffering issue doesn't sway more of the faithful out of their collective stupor.

Fri, 06 Jan 2012 22:31:49 UTC | #906080

Go to: Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

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Watching and listening to him was electrifying. What a loss.

Thu, 05 Jan 2012 06:16:12 UTC | #905438

Go to: God Sent Christopher Hitchens to Hell Because He Loved Him

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Comment 245 by susanlatimer :

Comment 243 by Lauren 127

Where do you begin with such warped minds? I feel sure God's son wished HE hadn't had anything to do with God when he was suffering on the cross.

I think my doubts began not with the claim that there IS a god but with human claims that THIS is God.

I still can't fathom that people willing to settle for an invented god settle for this god. The standards are abysmally low. If I want to believe in a god without evidence, I might as well invent one I like.

That's such a good point and in a way, I understand, because I have enjoyed idolizing fictional characters. My lastest is Severus Snape. I hold a special place in my heart for him but I know he's imaginary and not perfect! I've often asked myself how I can feel anything for fictional characters on TV or in books but realize that that's part of how we share the human experience; literature and popular culture.

But to your point, I'm pretty picky about who I let take up space in my mind. They've gotta earn it and be reasonably decent and heroic, or at the very least, sympathetic, as Snape is, due to his rough childhood. God, the way people worship him, has no elements of humanity; he just shows up on the scene or bluster and genocide and yet I'm supposed to love him?

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 01:14:33 UTC | #905135

Go to: God Sent Christopher Hitchens to Hell Because He Loved Him

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I had a friend who was a Jevoha's Witness and this girl would just not relent. She even got my address off a master list at work and sent a stupid little book to my house. I was so kind to her too, when now I would have to ask that she cease and desist immediately. Anyway, it took a while but I did finally ask her to stop in no uncertain terms and do you know what she did? She cried... sincere, heartfelt tears... because, as she put it, she cared about me and when I died I would just go into nothingness and not to Heaven.

I remained a friend to her but often wondered how she bore the burden of thinking many, many of her friends were doomed. It's absolutely horrendous for religion to make it's own followers suffer in such a way. I guess they never stop to think that some of their followers will be truly heartfelt about the whole matter; or they simply don't care.

We had a lot in common too; music, poetry but stupid, stupid religion always stood BETWEEN us. Go figure!

Wed, 04 Jan 2012 01:04:49 UTC | #905130

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