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I think you are fighting the wrong battle. You can't prove God does not exist, IMHO. They are making the claim for something (there is a God, probably a very specific Christian God) for which there is no evidence. And they are claiming that other equally unprovable beliefs/Gods are "false." The onus is on them to prove that they are right.

One tactic is you can ask them to prove that Muslims are wrong, that Hindus are wrong, and the Buddhists, the Taoist, the Huna, Wicca, New Thought, etc... They all have books that say they are right. They all believe in their heart of hearts that they are right. They all have faith. Or if this sort of exercise is fun for you, then you can become a Bible scholar and ask people to justify following "some of it", or point out all the contradictions, or the convoluted history of the Bible, or how many of the stories are from previous times and other cultures. Frankly, that is way too much work for me, but some people really enjoy that. :)

So, if this is fun for you, great, but I would not expect to "deconvert" anybody. I know some really smart people that believe some really crazy stuff.

Tue, 08 May 2012 22:12:23 UTC | #940621

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Comment 12 by Sigbert :

Comment 11 by Metamag :

If this was on youtube it would be banned due to the new "no atheism" policy.

This has been on youtube for a year. Still brilliant.

Now YouTube has taken it down (at least in the US) as the music violates WMG's copyright. Nothing to do with atheism, but still a bummer.

Tue, 28 Feb 2012 21:56:50 UTC | #922914

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