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Go to: Effect of the concept of hell on children

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If there is a god, it isn't going to send you to hell. Think about it, it's one of the biggest problems with the doctrine of Christianity. Why would a loving god punish souls for all eternity for their philosophical position? He wouldnt, plain an simple. In my experience, most "Christians" find the reality of hell very hard to swallow anyway The most they can say is "god works in mysterious ways," which of course isn't really an answer at all. Now days I even find myself trying to convince "Christians" that Jesus really did promise hell and damnation for us non-believers. They just dont seem to understand this central and essential principle of the Christian faith. This is because moral and rational human beings are finally beginning to realize how absurd hell really is. It's too ridiculous to be anything other than man-made. So take heart, when we die we experience only nothingness. Anything else is mere wishful thinking. To assure yourself of this, bring yourself up to date on modern neuroscience; that should help you understand what to expect upon your death.

Tue, 24 Jul 2012 19:38:08 UTC | #949998

Go to: Synthetic Genetic Evolution

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"Intelligent Design at work" WOW. You can't be serious. Did you read the article? Because it seems to use the word "evolution" a lot. Modern day Stupid design is a evangelical movement trying to do away with evolution and it's pesky FACTS. If you wan't to say perhaps some magical space man got bored and created the life that is now evolving, I can't stop you. But don't pretend as though anything in this article supports the ridiculous and fundamentalist view of Christianity that seeks to push I D into our schools and poison the minds of our children. With all due respect sir, if there is a god then he/she/it is either sadistic, or a bumbling idiot.

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 20:54:57 UTC | #937082

Go to: Atheists are arrogant? I think the opposite.

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Of course we are arrogant, we should be. If 3/4 of the world believed in Santa clause, we would have every right to behave in a arrogant manner when considering ole saint nick and his factory at the north pole. The logic is no different if you substitute Santa with god. And yet, they (theists) are far more arrogant anyway, for what could possibly be more arrogant than the belief that the universe was created with us in mind?

Mon, 06 Feb 2012 00:51:08 UTC | #914924

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