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@Universeman: "All I have now is the knowledge that I just happen to exist and that the blind and pitiless forces of nature are all there is to reality, just because I accept that truth does not mean I like it, it simply is what it is.

Anyone else here feel similarly? Or am I the only one here who has a soft place in my heart for that time when I was still able to believe in God, like a cherished childhood memory."


Is the desire more for a sense of belonging to a community than for a belief in god. I think that was the case with me, but that diminished over time and was finally extinguished one wet weekend after viewing Dennett's talk about how religions evolve and Lawrence Krauss's "A universe from nothing".

Regards the "pitiless forces of nature", it seems to work both ways. That is, the universe has no pity but it has no hate either (or whatever the antonym of pity is). The universe, and you and I, came from nothing and will go back to nothing. But it's one hell of a nothing if all we see about us came from it! Alan Watts says it better than I ever could If life were for all eternity it would be worth be nothing.

Sat, 02 Jun 2012 08:42:24 UTC | #945164

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@12 by Booska: The production and content are great, but the narrator's voice is just awful.

Spot on. You put it better than I could.

Wed, 23 May 2012 21:22:00 UTC | #943177

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Yes, it's inspiring, but I found this talk about nothing by Alan Watts even more so. It reduced me to tears and laughter at the same time. Maybe I'm not really a hard line atheist?

Wed, 23 May 2012 18:03:24 UTC | #943149

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Isn't it that intuition tells you the Sun and Moon orbit the earth. That's quite a good start. Of course, when you spot that Mars and the other planets don't do quite as expected you then need to think about what's going on. Even then it's usually the subconscious that solves the problem, and comes up with a model of what may be going on. The conscious mind just seems to be an observer, although it often needs to refine the model thrown up by the subconscious . At least that seems to my experience.

Thu, 03 May 2012 07:15:49 UTC | #939265

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"Belief in God is declining gradually worldwide, with faith highest among older people..."

Belief and faith are not the same thing, of course. On a Belief in God (BIG) scale running from 0 to 1, the pope will be at 1. An atheist will be want to be at 0 but, it's argued by many, can at best be at +0 (where +0 is infinitesimally greater than 0). On a Faith in God (FIG) scale running from 0 to 1, an atheist can honestly claim to be at 0. The pope cannot, honestly, claim to be at 1. He demostrates this every time he gets in one of his bullet proof popemobiles.

This is some what off topic, I know, but the idea's been whirling around in my head since reading The God Delusion (thanks Prof. Dawkins), which was some time ago, and I keep putting off writting it up for the purposes of discussion/feedback. I'm sure you good people can tell me where to put it :-), if this is not an appropriate place.

Thu, 19 Apr 2012 08:30:46 UTC | #935656

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