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This hypocritical attitude is the sickness of Muslim societies too. Swearing Koran is the word of God, sent via Angel directly from Allah, the Muslim society is largely indulge into breaking the law (MORALS) incognito. A good example would be the transgender societies in Muslim countries such as Pakistan. Heterosexual men using them as prostitutes after a good prayer in the Mosque and legislating stoning women to death because they had the audacity to fall in love and have sex before marriage. Whilst questioning morals in England underage girls are forced to return to Asia and being forced into marriages. Single mothers are open to sexual harassment yet the abusers speak of Allah's law and their firm faith. Girls as little as 3 years old are ordered to wear a Hijab so that she will get so damned conditioned with it that she will never be able to explore her own thoughts and choose her own lifestyle. The secular Muslims are too scared and when asked they fervently speak of their sincere faith in the 'exact words of Allah', the Koran. However when it comes to leading their own lives they hardly live by the Koran and do what they want to do anyway. But when a women is cornered and surrounded by the moral police just because she is powerless the cowardice Muslims replicate the hatred practiced by the moral police and act as the sincere followers of Islam and 'Oh! fie! fie! What a devil' and they express their shocks and assure that the helpless stay helpless and never to find a voice. Our civilised state laws don't come forward to give voices to the voiceless. Think twice when you mention the CENSUS to establish that we have x numbers of Muslims and it is the fastest growing religion. First find out why are people converting? Is it due to pure spirituality or is gender politics and economy is an issue? And given the opportunity how many would love to leave? How many Muslims were brought up to tell the truth?

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 14:11:19 UTC | #931667

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It seems Brag, Delia Smith & Warsi are scared of people who are finally expressing their world view and fighting for human right and dignity. Something has been refused to many for last two thousand years at least. And if Richard Dawkins has problems with Islamic oppression as some claim, I must say we are lucky to have someone who isn't afraid of the institutions. As a woman I can confirm that I and many women deep down feel fortunate to call ourselves Humanists and I can see some are scared of us. We come in peace, we don't have the tactics of using 'Hell' to abuse the mass and we are able to converse without spreading hate. 'Progressive Human' is what we stand for. Don't be so afraid! As for Brag or Smith, I shall see them from a different light from now on. Alas!

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:29:13 UTC | #926950

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