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Go to: Prayer at a working lunch?

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You did what you did and that has caused you much subsequent anguish. This person, although he sought your approval, behaved with the arrogance and insensitivity that is typical of those on an errand for God. He has put you in a position from where you could only acquiesce.

My reaction, I hope, would have been different but then I am beyond that stage in life where I have to be sensitive in a career environment or unnecessarily polite to those who have forgone that right.

I put open demonstration of faith in my presence on a par with smoking. It makes me very uncomfortable and frankly I find it diminishes my respect for the perpetrator.

My response, I hope, would have been...

''Thank you for asking but I would much prefer if you refrain.''

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 05:43:22 UTC | #949033

Go to: Cleric says polio vaccination 'un-islamic', warns of jihad against docs

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Question. Has the cleric in Pakistan's Punjab province, Maulvi Ibrahim Chisti of Muzaffargarh, had the anti Polio vaccine himself???

If yes then he can be measured against his own hypocrisy.

If no he can be measured against his own stupidity. And if he contracts the disease will he continue to spread the lie so that the credulous and innocent suffer the same fate?

Either way this mirthless cretin of jihad is exposed. I guess he could achieve that highest status - that of being a martyr. How wonderful.

If we fail to eradicate Polio because of this kind of mindless propaganda, will the agent of the disease mutate into resistant forms and destroy the lives of millions? How wonderful.

Polio could be eradicated totally but for the stupidity of a band of zealots bound to a hateful, primitive and contemptible dogma. How wonderful.

Why doesn't his god do the right thing and tell him how to do some good for humanity?

Could it be that his god doesn't care?

Could it be that his god is not even there?

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 05:59:33 UTC | #947333

Go to: Church accused of 'scaremongering'

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What fun it is to read all this. These sinister, bigoted, overdressed, self obsessed control freaks think that they can force people to conform to outdated prejudices. The days when the church could kill and burn those that did not hold to their confected dogma are long gone. Let the church conform for a change. The mormons had to concede that black people have souls, the catholics could not refute our solar centric planetary system now let the C of E gracefully concede defeat.

Tue, 12 Jun 2012 17:25:59 UTC | #947082

Go to: Louisiana lunacy: tens of millions to be spent on faith-based education

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Religion Poisons Everything. Never was a subtitle more true.

Its time for the USA to get a grip and and put a stop to this stupidity. Before its too late. Your credibility is ebbing away.

Its time to call in Pest Control to stop the termites before they get totally out of control.

The USA needs to have an untouchable National Rational Curriculum that excludes nonsensical ideas such as creationism and keeps religious dogma out of the minds of your children.

Deny the religious zealots access to the young impressionable minds and you will rid your great nation of the infestation that is threatening to bring you down.

Sun, 10 Jun 2012 07:33:21 UTC | #946698

Go to: Dawkins calls for 'Catholic' honesty

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Just 26%? Thats one in four.

That anyone, even the most retarded, primitive, backward or credulous, can believe in such stupidity is beyond my comprehension. These people are in dire need of counselling.

Those who peddle this dangerous and unsavoury nonsense should be disqualified from positions of influence and made to do community service such as picking litter from the streets.

Sun, 10 Jun 2012 06:48:04 UTC | #946694

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