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I believe Christians have social engineering down to a... science?

Muahahhaha... Yeah couldn't help it.

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:33:39 UTC | #927006

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"Religion is essential to humanity. But it should never again have any power of law or government"

At the bottom line, that is pretty much what I would say.

I have my own belief systems, and while i don't seek to push them on anyone, Its important to realize just why that statement is so important and in my mind, by my speculation, based on observation, is true.

I am an Atheist in the sense that i do not need a god to satisfy certain emotional needs and thus have no personal "god" . I am an Agnostic in the sense that i cannot give proof to either side. Proof as in scientific evidence based on interactive or observational means.

I am an intellectual Agnostic and an emotional Atheist.

From the first moments of self consciousness, humanity has compared itself at an individual level against all things we have come in contact with. What are we? A question of consciousness. What happens when i die? A question resulting from the inability to empathize with a dead body. We do not know what it is like to be dead, we cannot imagine NOT thinking, not... being.

But this thought is treacherous, don't you see? Humans are naturally afraid of the unknown, all things unknown and this fear will result in one of 2 actions: avoidance or confrontation.

In confronting the unknown, we may destroy it or solve it. In avoiding it we may ignore it or run away from it. But that's just it, don't you see? God is an easy solution to the fear of death, so that we can live.

The very idea of a persistent spirit is ancient. The idea of gods, near equally as so. Is it reasonable? I say, "Is it reasonable to believe in a god?" In function? yes. Logically? Yes, in relevance to its function.

In school you learn how to memorize things, If you think back you'll realize that at least some of it really didn't make any sense. You'll also remember that some of it made perfect sense and in that understanding, you could twist that knowledge and create a new question from it.

Religion cannot be destroyed by its banning. The true beauty of the world as I see it, can only be learned if they want to find it. There is no truth they can memorize from me.

And thats why if I had the opportunity to hold a gun to the head of God I would not pull the trigger.

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:18:31 UTC | #926997

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