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To comment 65 by Ignorant Amos,

" I don't know what relevance your comment 33 had to the original article".

I agree,that of course, evolution being taught in British schools is fab but i feel it's also too little too late. And has come at a really crappy time. Rubbish timing. I mean, because of the current times more and more people are going BACK to religion anyway.

I was listening to a street preacher yesterday and felt it was quite moving. It was called the' Lie of New Atheism' - they, [intellectual atheists], cannot explain human corruption etc.It was interesting.

Tue, 19 Jun 2012 19:05:16 UTC | #947867

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To comment 34 by LaurieB, Thank you very much for your interesting comments. And i have taken on board your wise comments too.I understand what you are saying about women's rights because when i first heard/ read about the Suffragettes i said i'd always support female issues. And i have.

To comment 35 by Alan4discussion, Dear oh dear, someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning didn't they? Are you a Headmaster or someone like that? You certainly seem BOSSY enough...

Mon, 18 Jun 2012 15:45:53 UTC | #947790

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Gosh,so pleased evolution is going to be taught in primary schools here. About flipping time.

RD is understandably pleased about this but i wonder if he has ever entered a typical, mainstream, non-fee paying English school and then dared to have a good old rant at the Young People about evolution? Academies often have very large classes; with teenagers who are wondering if they are going to get a hot meal when they get home. I mean, just surviving is their priority really.

Many Young People live in, the often crappy, real world therefore some people have more to worry about than whether evolution is going to be taught in their school or not.

In England i have noticed CLASS/ SCHOOLS seems to be more divisive than the RELIGION/ CHURCH... But may be it is because RD has never had to "go without anything" or any of his luxuries [like nice food], and may be that is why i don't seem to fully appreciate him and his words.

Mon, 18 Jun 2012 07:31:45 UTC | #947770

Go to: Richard Dawkins & Daniel Dennett. Oxford, 9 May 2012

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All i can see and hear are 2 hippies from the 1960s. I really enjoy RD but i now realise i prefer RD when he is on stage with a colleague more like Lawrence Krauss for instance. This debate came across as really crusty-ish.

I enjoy a lively, funny and fast-paced debate with youthful vibrancy really. But to be fair to Daniel Dennett i have never heard him talking up until now.

RD needs to sew the hemline on the right side of his trouser leg.

Sat, 02 Jun 2012 06:43:39 UTC | #945153

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I love saying the words "plate tectonics" for some reason. They sound nice. I like Professor Burnell the best; nice to see a female scientist there.

I nominate Professor Brian Cox for making science abit trendy, good-looking, accessible and exciting for people who are not scientific people but happen to really love science though.

Fri, 01 Jun 2012 18:50:27 UTC | #945040

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