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Actually, I think this crusade is one of other Christian factions upon the Catholic faction. The Catholics were just stupid enough to start a cover up that got out. I’m afraid that if we were to look in to other organizations we would find the same problem. It's just not discovered yet. Well, some were. Take the Brach Davideans. It was the sexual abuse that made the balance tip to spring into action.

Here in the Netherlands there is actually an investigation going on into the child protection agency that relocated children and also wasn't careful enough in choosing the right families.

Still, the religious faiths of this earth are a real problem which as a whole should be investigated for blundering on and brainwashing and scaring people, causing wars and famines in its wake.

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 15:21:02 UTC | #950162

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No offence taken :-)

I must admit that I was taken in by some of the women who took a leading role in the so called revolution that’s going on in the middle east. (B.t.w. I expect this revolution to take years, like any decent revolution does and not the miracle revolution out media seem to want.) Women’s rights activists started small in Europe and the U.S. as well, and they finally succeeded, so there is hope. Ones the Muslim women discover and dare to use the power they have, things might speed up. I mean, just imagine all these women refusing to cook their husbands meals in a peaceful sit down demonstration which has to last no longer than a week. (I know, I’m an idealist at times but I mean well.)

But it‘ll take more than that of course and good education is a good start. Not just learning how to read the Koran and some basic house hold mathematics, teaching them to be good wives but real education in which they learn to fend for themselves. Is there any Muslim country that comes close with women education like this?

Wed, 30 May 2012 13:53:59 UTC | #944498

Go to: Official: 160 girls poisoned at Afghan school

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The comparison between the western women’s struggle and the modern day Muslim women’s struggle for their rights was not meant as a cheap shot. Western women have been suppressed quite severely and it took a lot of protesting, including violent mass demonstrations and hunger strikes to get things to change. Things have changed enormously for the better for western women but, the point still stands, we're not there yet. I do expect gradual changes towards true equal rights for men and women eventually. In many western countries the laws are already equal but culture just hasn't quite caught up yet.

That many Muslim women want the best for their daughters can't be denied. I can see it happening here in the Netherlands where it's the women who integrate into society much more successfully then their male counterparts. They perform better at school and have better job opportunities. Up until the point that some of them get shipped back to e.g. Morocco to be married to their cousin. What's best for your children might be interpreted differently in some religious families anyway.

Wed, 30 May 2012 08:53:10 UTC | #944420

Go to: Official: 160 girls poisoned at Afghan school

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Every time when I discus the subject of women’s rights in the Muslim world with Muslims I get the reaction that suppressing women is not about suppressing women but about protecting them against male (sexual) aggression, because men (the poor bastards) aren’t able to restrain themselves when ever women are around. The best one I heard was about why women weren’t allowed to pray in the same room as men, is because when the girls bend forward to submit to Allah, the men get distracted by the women’s asses. (this is not a joke, I’m serious)

How does poisoning women fit into this line of excuses?

Personally I think the men that commit these kind of hideous crimes are the worlds weakest men, who aren’t even brave enough to admit they are scared of changes in their way of life. In stead of looking at western men and asking how we feel about our lives, they decide to suppress the people they owe their lives to. (Do I sound angry? maybe I am, sorry but there goes reason for a while)

Still, things haven’t always been as cheerful in the west either. It took women in the west also quite some time to get their rights and things still aren’t all how they should be. How many female presidents have there been in the States? England had one prime minister Thatcher, Germany has Merkel now but that’s about it. (Sorry if I forgot someone but the point is clear) We’re close but not there yet. It’s a matter of time though. I was in a train recently, surrounded by a multitude of female students. I remember seeing a boy, but I’m not sure he was a student.

Tue, 29 May 2012 14:51:29 UTC | #944232

Go to: Evolution skeptics will soon be silenced by science: Richard Leakey

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A bit optimistic. I hate to call Richard Leakey naive. 15 to 30 years would be nice but I doubt it.

Still, religion is bound to end sometime I think (hope). Nobody really believes in Amon anymore, or Zues. On the other hand, things might stick for a long time. The Christians thought they had killed of the old European Gods but if I’m not mistaken, a lot of Christians still put up a Christmas tree. A heretic symbol.

But evidence alone is not going to do the trick I’m afraid. Evidence has been ignored by faithies anytime it interfered with their convictions. Anyway, after having seen a tv documentary in which Redmond O Hanlon, who visited an Indonesian School, was told that evolution and Darwin were a lie and this was what the children were being taught, I realized we still have a long way to go.

I have to admit though that I hope I’m wrong and Richard Leakey is right about this one.

Tue, 29 May 2012 14:15:08 UTC | #944225

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