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Go to: Former Louisiana pastor tells humanists about his conversion to nonbelief

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I'm embarrassed. I live in New Orleans. Wish Id have known about the conference! As for the morons in the comments? I assure you, normal people are too busy. The Times Pic is famous for the stupidest old bored retired farts in the US who have multiple log ins to be multiple commenters. That's how you get a god fearing atheist like the idiot espousing the Ten Commandments. He's the minion of some church. Several Times Pic commenters have wound up in huge public scandals when their real identities got out. It's a problem. They've expanded IT to try to keep these fools out; Finally! Very embarrassing for the city.

As for the poll? You all take this much too seriously! No sectarian affiliation leaves New Orleanians with the confused Labrador Retriever look on their faces. Sect affiliation is a big part of the byzantine caste structure in New Orleans. We are nothing like either the South or the USA. Religion you grew up around, high school, what you do on Mardi Gras Day, there's a long list unlike anything in other places in the US that instantly identifies a person as fitting in to niche 3 226. Or whichever. (it's really a verbal thing but nobody would get the names). Its a pyramid, and only the Uptown Old Line Society families on top can be Different. They are in the presence of the One True God, Comus. A debutante presenting bal masque. And the god who gets the most groveling out of the populace (and the most anger!) See? Ruled by a heathen clan who reads the New York Times on iPad. I knew nothing about this, I don't read the Times Pic. We get important news by word of mouth. Or random web surfing lol.

And I'm dead serious, the Milton characters embodying vice are the biggest most central anchor of life here. Not faith- said gods appear each year. And are played by some anonymous Uptown guy. Mystique is amazing stuff, especially when it spends a ton of cash locally. Religion has made great use of it too, but the predominantly Catholic churches send it out of town. Did I mention that we are a unique culture that doesn't compare to anything much you all know? This poll needs to be looked at in context. None of this paper applies outside of the Isle d'Orleans, Northern Carribean version. That's because we aren't part of that homogenized culture you expect.

Now it seems that Catholic on the outside, atheist crunchy center is nothing new. I suspect a number of people but why should they rock the boat? They don't actually do religion. It's like that high school frat. And the brainwashing is tough to actually grapple with. So they get on with a very secular life underwriting insurance or operating a crane. Sundays? Saints Football!

I'd prefer an atheist too- but for this city nobody would know where to place a skeptic in the complex model of hierarchy. It's too new. Historically, famous Atheists around town were called Jesuits. Even they seem awfully religious of late... Lapsed Catholic has always been a bit of a code word too. And acceptable. People don't want to wind up in fights with pious lunatics and you never know where some Mormon kid or Pentacostal babbler will turn up looking for trouble. They're everywhere now. The nuts trolling You Tube to convert us are in coffee shops trying to do their gods dirty work. Lets hope they don't invade the nightclubs.

A lot of the religion thing is tribal marker, like the people who smoke all being friends. Want a church building? The Diocese has 24 up for sale in historic neighborhoods.. Attendance has crashed since four Cat 5 storms ripped us to shreds. Katrina was just the first. That says something very loudly about blind faith in a changing world.

Sun, 17 Jun 2012 10:33:39 UTC | #947740

Go to: Jon Stewart Doesn’t Understand How Science Works Even a Little Bit

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Us versus Them? How is this supposed to be a meaningful public dialogue on the absurdity of organized religion? Bringing that Sunday school metaphor of Christian Warrior into the huge continuum of humans trying to grapple with creeping doubts isn't very constructive. It is a bit cultish sounding. OK, some of you guys can sound like Moonies about Us and Them. Stop. It's creepy. It sounds like Jesus Club.
Daily Show has an underlying business model, part of which is Pick Your Battles. Jon Stewart has picked his- and religion is just feeding himself to FAUX News to tear apart. Nobody with a sweet TV deal goes there. That was the shortest bums rush of a book touting I've ever seen him do! But the author has a good book deal, or at least a good publicist who got her into that chair on Jon's set and he has to make nice or not get the really interesting writers. That's another reality of the business model. He may well know it's dark matter, but slipped into TrekkerSpeak just trying to get this hot potato off the couch. So what? Jon knows politics, and is extremely intelligent. And he's busy. I'd prefer he stick to his main battle of Right Not Wrong. 
Good grief! We have rock and roll, those pagan bunnys and eggs left from the Feast Of Oestre, the 98% of what makes Xmas fun, just switch it back to Solstice where it came from. New Years decided by use of applied science? The list runs on. And you want to dump on Jon Stewart for getting stuck with religion in the chair by a booking situation?
There are a great many people who, confronted with the amazing beauty of Science, find it to be a powerfully spiritual experience. Myself included, and I think religion is a criminal offense against intelligence. Stop lumping that in with brainwashed crazy televangelist pentacostal evangelical nutbar nonsense. Making fun of somebody trying to address that gap where old timey religion doesn't work but there seems there should be Something is to ignore the realities of being human. Hitch wrote about the human need for ritual and spirituality (different from dogma, folks); giving up the idea of the larger intelligence is apparently pretty tough. I never did buy in so I don't know, but perhaps a bit of compassion for people struggling in the gap would better serve Atheist ideas than stridency. At least this writer sounds like she's trying to make sense of that struggle. The book sank with out trace, but the subject is valid. And compassion would better serve the Atheist image than mirroring religions bad behavior.
 So some of y'all quit sniffing like an incensed Pekinese and check yourselves. And maybe the reality of bringing you great TV- sometimes a compromise must be struck.

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 10:21:10 UTC | #936638

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