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Go to: No religion is Australia's second most popular religion

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As it looks probable that our current government in Australia , wont survive the next election , we'll then have a "devout catholic" in the form of, Tony Abbott , as Prime Minister . I wonder if his government will acknowledge that the taxes from 22.3% of the people of Australia , should never be used to fund church schools in their quest to teach a anti-science , dogma and myth ? Rhetorical question , I know , but we can all live in hope .

This is the man who publicly stated that he felt "threatend" by homosexuality , (but obviously not by climate change or over population) . I wonder if he'll feel "threatended" by this obviously growing mass if godless Aussies.

Fri, 06 Jul 2012 07:32:30 UTC | #948674

Go to: Admitting you're an atheist while travelling in the Middle East

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Surely as an atheist , you would consider religion to be meaningless rubbish, and the proponents of it, in its various guises, to not warrant much , if any , respect.

So, for the sake of your personal safety , what is the problem in claiming to adhere to one form or another of the same meaningless rubbish , Or , are we somehow wanting to "respect" religion but not being dishonest about it ?

for me, fooling the fools, is a good tactic for self preservation .

Thu, 26 Apr 2012 06:33:07 UTC | #937399

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