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Go to: The Internet: Where religions come to die

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I remember watching this a while ago and not only was I agreeing with it but I started thinking about how many other things can be "killed" like religion, on the Internet.
Conspiracy theories, wacky medical claims creationism and on and on and on.

I really could say that the internet saved my mind. If it wasn't for communities like the JREF Forums and the skeptical community in general, I really have no idea where I would be emotionally and mentally.
I really think scientific skepticism on the internet is one of the most powerful forces to have ever manifested on this planet. And I don't think it's hyperbolic to claim something like this.
And it is SO recent! That's the cool thing about it. It means that it will very likely grow and spread. And I see evidence of that. Especially in young people. It's basically being counter-cultural, with a brain. Who, being young, wouldn't be attracted to this?
I really do hope this spreads out of the internet and jumps into the real world in a big way.

Wed, 28 Apr 2010 17:42:00 UTC | #463700

Go to: Rally on the Steps of the Texas Capitol

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Shouldn't the people (such as the hosts) of "The Atheist Experience" show be made aware of this? They're in Texas and they would be very happy to hear that has put this thing up on their site's main page.
It's not everyday that you get to get people from Texas together. It should be spread around, the fact that this is being planned, so that the maximum number of people can be there on the 16th.
I can't go because I'm not american...

Thu, 15 Apr 2010 20:45:00 UTC | #459969

Go to: The Greatest Hoax on Earth - a new flea

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I'm stupified, as a 20 year old, with the fact that there are adults around me who write and then publish this kind of stuff.

Mon, 12 Apr 2010 13:01:00 UTC | #458427

Go to: Richard Dawkins: The greatest show on earth live

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Richard, at the end of the first part of your interview with Boyd you say there couldn't be any atheists who are creationists.
Even though I clearly see where you're coming from with that statement, and agree with you, there ARE people who call themselves atheists, they indeed do not believe a god exists, and still think we were created.
They're the Raelians, a ufo cult. We were created by aliens according to them.
But of course I acknowledge you weren't thinking of the term "creationist" in this wide manner. At the end of the day this is a semantic thing regarding the word "created" but let's not go there. :)

Fri, 09 Apr 2010 16:44:00 UTC | #457558

Go to: New Insects, Bacteria Uncovered in Dinosaur-Era Amber Deposit

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What a coincidence! Yesterday I felt like looking up pictures of insects stuck in amber and my imagination soared. Seeing a spider stuck in amber and being able to see realy tiny detail. It just swoops my mind into the distant past, where humans were not even a concept and these tiny critters crawled on branches and made sounds of their own. What a wonder it would be to pop into that world for 30 minutes. What a perspective you would get!

Today I get news that more ancient creatures have been found inside amber. We are so lucky to have things like these! It's the closest we can get to it and it comes to us mindblowingly well preserved.

Wed, 07 Apr 2010 02:06:00 UTC | #456561

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