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Those lily white ladies of old have strayed too far from Rome, and alas, they've been corrupted by a sexy suitor named America. I say we seize on the moment and barrage these nun's with as much science and reason as we can muster while they're still at an impressionable age. And also we should continue to remind them about what has happened to the precious children in their charge. Can't forget that, or at least I can't.

I would thoroughly enjoy seeing the look on the face of his holiness when he realizes that they've catapulted this story into orbit, there by propping up the church for another public pounding. Though on second thought, I'm not sure his face would satisfy, eyes hollow, drooling and dilapidated. And it'll probably be awhile, as the news apparently take six years to reach the vatican and by then he'll be dead. Oh well, all's well that end's well! Happy early No Human's Infallible Day!

Sat, 09 Jun 2012 17:04:18 UTC | #946584

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What a wonderful celebration of biological diversity this is. Simply brilliant! This world is so absolutely inundated with rubbish religious revelry that I get nauseous when I read the morning paper. Every other page it's, "Come celebrate the Glory of GOD and be transformed into a Warrior for Christ!" they say. I hear "Come and gather under our tax except monument to self indulgence and ignorance and praise our dear Leader(s) and also give unto us your monies, (precious tax exempt money... mmmm), and be disfigured into a Surf for Senile Old Men!". I'm so encouraged when I read about events like this one. Each one is another nail in the coffin for religion. Christopher Hitchens said it best when he compared the view from the Hubble telescope to a burning bush. There is no comparison! The next generation deserves to know the magnificence and beauty of the origin of life and the cosmos, and with events like the Ancestors Trail, they will.

Fri, 08 Jun 2012 17:09:24 UTC | #946370

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Comment 23 by FastBill :

I find the trend frightening that 46% of Americans believe in Creationism and don't believe that mankind evolved. Don't they realize that there have been hundreds of god and goddesses over the last 6,000 years? There have even been feather gods.

I think I must have angered the feather gods, because I could not find a cool spot on my down pillow last night. Or maybe I just had a lot on my mind. Either way I think I'll sacrifice some chickens and what not just to be sure.

But seriously, as frightening and disheartening as this may be, just remember this poll was conducted with adult interviewees. I live in the mountains of N.C. and most adults around here, whom I've shown microscope slides to, think I'm performing some sort of illusionary sorcery. They don't believe what they've seen and they certainly don't think it has any bearing on whether or not evolution occurred. My Mother-In-Law even inquired whether or not I could view heaven with my telescope. She smirked when she said it but I do believe she was sincere. By contrast, my children and their young friends, are enthralled by the view when they look down or up a lens, and they have so many good questions. So I'm not counting on a secular conversion en masse of the older generation, it's the children that give me hope for the future.

Mon, 04 Jun 2012 17:20:29 UTC | #945513

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