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Once, again, I agree; we should stop Theocracy! But, once again, I disagree; the best transference of Logic is in discourse, not force. Why is the removal of a cross on a hill a major focus? Aren't there other more important grievances to concentrate on; like pedophillic priests? What this man is saying and doing is exactly why, from time to time, I have made donations to Christian Law Firms; not because I am a "christian", far from it especially after reading the works of Richard Dawkins and most gratefully becoming more self-aware, but simply to protect them (“christians") from the policies this man is describing that he desires to force upon them. I have no doubt this kind of badgering will do nothing to shed light on the truth and everything to darken it by causing every faith-filled blinded “christian” to fumble to their pastor and make a large donation to their favorite Christian Fundamentalist Organization. I hear what this man is saying, and understand his desires to be somewhere fruitful, however this is the type of approach Fundamentalists rely on to keep members afraid and clinging to the pulpit. I have no doubt the Ku Klux Klan will eventually weigh in on the design of the Secular Agenda as a means to recruit as well, if this is the way you intend to promote Atheism. You need not apply such an aggressive attitude; many people are willing to listen to the truth when given a more gentle persuasion... Having said that I would love to hear his ideas in a more toned down methodology; however, at base I'll assume he doesn't serve much sugar with his speeches, and am happy, at present, to be apart of it. A better approach would be to run a Secular Candidate for office! That would create a debate and awaken many to reality in discussion during an electoral process. In addition, I've heard that a child is five times more likely to be sexually assaulted and exploited by a CPS worker than in the custody of their parents. Not sure if that is true, however, if you cite the greivances of one group the other should be laid in full view as well. I've also heard that they have been forced to take medications that killed them. About Title 9: I've heard now there is no money for the males at schools because all of the money goes for the girls uniforms and sport events in public schools. I'm not sure if this is true, however, it is a popular argument against it. “Reason and Science Must Effect Policy”; I like that, it's simple and inclusive. I agree, I had more preoccupations with sex as a “christian” then when I simply embraced my sexuality as a natural, enjoyable, part of life. As a “christian” it was like starving while a piece of my favorite food dangle in front of my face no matter which way I turn. And, yes, Jesus, in The Bible, spoke more about taking care of the poor, than about sexual purity. Side Note; perhaps not directly related: I know a man that was raped; he called the police and they did nothing; even accusing him of not wanting to pay for the damages done to his apartment, or trying to get out of his school work. When he went to the hospital they treated him in a most inhuman manor. They won't even acknowledge the assault took place. It should also be addressed that the Military is not allowed to use the name of “Jesus” when praying; that is also an infringement, no? I say Abolish Marriage! Like taking away the toy from the kids when they're fighting over it... Yeah, when I get old I do not want to spend my final days vomiting and soiling all over myself; agreed! It's not necessarily religious bias I see in schools, but political; and it is always from the left, or “Liberal.” The issues brought up are always highly charged, hot-button, topics, that mean nothing to the educational process or any real transliteration of knowledge, and if the target opponent, a “Conservative”, doesn't present themselves the instructor will offer the opposing view and tell you it is wrong, every time. If it were to be otherwise the instructor would not have a job. Perhaps, it's different down South, though. I do not see where Religion is going wild in American Schools... I like Bill Gates. I've heard a lot about free Operating Systems, and thought how wonderful, until I tried using one. What's that they say you do with something you get for free..? Anyway, I've also heard, with a sound bite of Gates, that he wants to put old people to sleep and then use the money to hire more teachers; can this be true? At any rate, I look forward to hearing this man's argument further. “Reclaim morality!” Good one; often people are religious because they believe to be otherwise is to be a foe to humanity. This belief must be realized as the great flaw of humanity itself. Focus on the ridiculousness of religion or, more notably, of the soundness of pure logic; that's what set me free; Thank you...

P.S. I look forward to seeing Dawkins in October; I'd really like to meet some other Atheists and agnostics there too.

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 03:10:01 UTC | #949546

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What does "KP" stand for? It's "72" virgins. What could the moderator have removed that was more offensive than "sock-puppeted?" What's that mean? Again, not in The Constitution... Actually, The Bible was originally taught in American schools; in fact, it was the core-curriculum, superseding all other topics, often being the only book available in many schools. Sorry, I was unable for some reason to comment on specific comments within the thread so, I put them alll her for you to ponder and/or ignore/respond to vehemently and/or otherwise.

Mon, 18 Jun 2012 06:07:43 UTC | #947768

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Firstly, I'd like to say I became 87 percent Atheist, with the remaining 13 percent leaning still toward Agnosticism, after reading Blue Apples by William Henry, I believe. I had read "The God Delusion" before that. William Henry is a..., well, he believes in Trans-dimensional Stargates, we'll say, to keep it light., but the book is filled with a very detailed, wonderfully phonetic and linguistical analysis, and an accurate representation of religion, its roles and undeniable connections throughout world history. Now, this man says we should respect people in uniform; why? That is about as credulous as respecting a priest because he claims he knows god. If you mean respect them by standing up for their belief or un-beleif, that's fin, but then it should apply to them whether they're in uniform or not. The Military should respect the citizens of this country then they will receive it in return, just as anyone should, whether they're in uniform or not. He also cites The Constitution; I think it negates a secular standpoint to make things up like this; it's just not in there. The application of The Constitution has been used, and taken precedent in American Court, but it still is not there, that I'm aware. A better document, I'm told, is The Bill of Rights. Ultimately, none of these items mean anything in the long run of History; they are always changing. Look at Parliament in England, for example. I do not disagree, however, that this Militarily "litmus test" is about as ridiculous as only allowing people to vote who's Grandparent's had voted in a prior election. It just seems quite a farce and a ruse to grapple our attentions, when we ought to be more focused what the Military is being expended for. Don't get me wrong; I agree the test is ridiculous. "True magic is about controversy; that's real Slight of Hand..." -- Undisclosed

Mon, 18 Jun 2012 05:51:41 UTC | #947766

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