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Comment 10 by SomersetJohn :

How about getting a copy of "The Magic of Reality" and reading a bit of it to your kids every night. Teach them these stories are exactly that! Stories. And there are other stories, better stories, out there.

Agree! I finished reading The Magic of Reality yesterday (LOVED IT! - Thank you for writing the book Prof. Dawkins) and returned it to the library and now am going to buy the book for my children to read it by themselves when they can read. Some of the myths in the book were exactly what I was told growing up! As a child I blindly believed whatever my parents told me about certain things that I don't understand (earthquake, sleep paralysis, etc). Not that they are intentionally tried to lie to me but they themselves believed that the myths are true!

Sun, 08 Jul 2012 17:54:37 UTC | #948770

Go to: Dawkins Foundation: Innovating for a Secular World. A Call to Action by Sean Faircloth, Madison, WI

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what happened to the video? nothing to view...

Sun, 08 Jul 2012 17:20:13 UTC | #948768

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I feel you! Indonesia is also a very religious country (well, you kinda have to have a religion (6 major religions only though) there.) Your ID will have your religion on it. I wonder when is the time come that there will be the seventh choice.... none of the above :) At school, we have to take religion class, I was which religion classes will you attend. First, I chose catholic then I failed that class because I didn't join the retreat (counted as the final exam), Second, I chose christian and I got A. If I could choose, I would say...Can I just opt out the religion class?? I mean if I want to take religion class, I can go to a church or something.

I have various of religious beliefs in my family, we have Catholics, Budhist, Christians, and Muslims, and closet Atheists. Isn't it sad that everybody gets to be out of the closet but the Atheists kinda have to stay in the closet?

When the country legalize freedom to choose not only the 6 major religions, we'll see many people actually choose choice number 7.

Sun, 01 Jul 2012 08:32:11 UTC | #948385

Go to: Calls to Behead Indonesian Atheist Alexander Aan

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To danconquer, I hope Alexander can get asylum too. I wonder even he did get release from prison, where can he go with continuing his life in Sumatra. I grew up in Sumatra and have first hand experienced how fanatics some people can be when it comes to defending their beliefs and by this I mean even when they can't come up with any logical reasons for defending it. Let me gives you an example, once I was driving and I passed a motorcyclist in front of me (she was driving and talking on her cell and driving very slowly in the middle of the road - one lane only) and I guess she's not happy with it for some reasons (maybe because I startled her???) and at the stop light she came to my window and after looking at me, she said "you, pig eating chinese kafir, don't you know how to drive!!?" and she drove away angrily.

My point here...I don't think you can reason with people like these. Therefore, Alexander being an atheist in Sumatra, being open about it and actively promote atheism and attacking the teachings of Islam (I didn't see much posting on other religions in his web page - ateist minang) puts his life in great danger. I don't know if he is allowed connect to outside world (email or facebook) right now but I would like to talk to him. Anybody know if we can get in touch with Alexander?

Fri, 29 Jun 2012 00:59:55 UTC | #948310

Go to: Atheism 2.0 - Indonesia's nonbelievers find refuge online

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I am Indonesian but currently living in the US. I do feel a more sense of freedom here compared to when I was in Indonesia when it comes to voicing opinions. Just recently I read a news in which a presenter was asked to send his public apology to an Islamic organization because he used the phrase "Assalammualaikum" in his jokes. In addition, to hear that Alexander Aan got sent to jail for voicing his opinion in Facebook did scare me! I think this is why many people who are atheist or doubt religion in Indonesia would choose to be in the closet because they fear they might get killed or loose their live (can't get a job, being hated by family members, guilty for not believing, etc)

Lack of accurate information (in Indonesian) I believe is another problem for most people who may doubt their religions in Indonesia. I came across Prof. Dawkins book, the God Delusion, when I was still in Indonesia and it has been a good start in opening the path for me. It has shown me another perspective of this seeing this world in the way that I have never dreamed of even existed.

Wed, 27 Jun 2012 20:11:31 UTC | #948223

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