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...Wow, never thought this topic would get through...

Thanks for the comments and advice everyone.

Moving out is the plan and me and my wife have been planing for the end of the year but ultimately the problem remains. Telling them not to give witness and not to practice their religion is easy but to have them put that in practice is impossible, unless i had the memory eraser from MIB. If i can't convince them that the world is older than 6000 years how can i convince them to be neutral around a "person of the world"?

I'm sure my daughter will be enlightened by many other subjects ahead of religion, it just bothers me that my in-laws are most likely willing to tarnish any sort of relationship with their daughter and me to keep witnessing. It's nothing new, my wife and her older sister are what remains of the family, everyone else just cut them loose. I believe they are at a point in the religious fanaticism of the JWs, from what i have read, that they care more for their brothers and sisters than blood related family. it's not that this situation affects me, (comment 6) my past has made me a fairly cold person due to choosing to be homeless over following my parents religious insanity, so i have no problem in cutting off the weak stems, it's that my daughter is begining to bond with some family members especially her youngest aunt and it kills me to bet on a failed relationship. It's hard letting go.

I guess this happens to everyone in their life, i just hope this doesn't happen so early and with a family member. But hey, looking on the brighter side, maybe one day my daughter might do a better job convincing them that the earth is older than 6000 years than i can.

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 22:11:51 UTC | #949927

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