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I am new to this site and freely admit to not reading through all 58 pages worth of comments. I just saw this debate last week (before joining the site).

Frankly, without a degree in mathematics or science, I was still able to understand Mr. Krauss' arguments and thought that he easily won the debate. This is impressive given that he is not a professional debater and even more impressive given that even the late Mr. Hitchens didn't come out so well in his debate with Mr. Craig.

Obviously winning or losing a debate doesn't change the facts or the evidence, but winning enough such debates does go a long way in converting some people from the ways of irrational beliefs and faith and into the land of skeptical thinking.

Tue, 21 Aug 2012 20:19:59 UTC | #951121

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Ugh... once again my post makes no sense since the post to which it was a response has been removed... This is the second thread now where it appears as though I am talking to myself!

Tue, 21 Aug 2012 16:54:13 UTC | #951116

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I guess my post (#65) doesn't make sense any more in light of the fact that post #64 was deleted by the moderator.

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:33:14 UTC | #951084

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I think there are more atheist members of the military than you might realize. Back in January of 1994, I joined the United States Marine Corps, not as an officer, but in the enlisted ranks (despite my college education). I, like every other Marine, had to complete basic training. USMC basic training is very unlike boot camp in the other branches and Marine Drill Instructors are renowned for their in-your-face, high-stress methods of making basic Marines. They are often much-feared, particularly during your first weeks in boot camp.

I am (and was) a Jewish Atheist. At some point, probably the first Sunday of boot camp, we were asked for our religious preferences. We had one Muslim Marine, one Buddhist Marine, one Jewish Atheist Marine (me), and the rest either Catholic or Protestant. We were basically told that we would attend some form of religious services. I objected, which, you must understand is not something you are encouraged to do in USMC boot camp.

I was punished by being forced to stand at attention for the entirety of that first Sunday while various groups headed out for services. I endured, but at the first opportunity requested to speak with the senior drill instructor (the punishment was handed out by one of the assistant DIs). I told him that I refused to be singled out for punishment because of my lack of religious belief and that I would endure anything that the USMC asked of me, but if this continued, I would make sure to "request mast" to go to the next level of the chain of command.

From that point onward, I was no longer forced to either go to religious services or be punished. Basically, I got all of Sunday to myself (mostly spent polishing, studying, cleaning my gear, working out, etc.) Soon after, about a half dozen or so other Marines began to choose not to attend services either.

There were actually no repercussions from my act of disobedience other than on the first day. I was rapidly promoted to being a squad leader and later. During the course of boot camp, on more than one occasion when I was alone in the presence of one or more DI (including the one who had punished me) they actually talked to me like a human being and, amazingly enough, asked my advice on getting through to some of the slower Marines. Following boot camp, I had an opportunity to run into the senior DI and we had breakfast together. He, a devout Catholic told me how much respect he and the other DIs had for me because I was unafraid to stand up for my beliefs (or lack thereof). I am sure that the fact that I was a damned good Marine helped me, but it is amazing how all it takes is one voice to speak up and you will find kindred spirits and even admiration among those who don't share your skepticism.

On a side note, when I was a squad leader, I got wind of the fact that several marines planned to give the slowest Marine there (who was always getting us in trouble) a "blanket party." Interestingly, this slow Marine was the most devoutly religious Marine I remember at boot camp. Nothing the DIs did seemed to shape him up. All the would-be members of the "blanket party" (save one) were also part of the religious Marines. Yet I, the atheist Marine, was the one who stood up to them and told them that if they were going to harm the slow Marine, they would have to get past me first (I was soon joined by several other Marines, both religious and non-religious, who agreed to stand guard over the would-be victim).

But I guess I wouldn't be able to pass the spiritual fitness test of today's military. That is sad.

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 22:26:32 UTC | #951083

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Assuming that a coin toss has a 50/50 chance of coming up heads or tails (i.e., it isn't a weighted coin or there is some other factor making the odds other than 50/50) then the odds of a coin coming up heads or tails on the 1,000 the toss will always be 50/50 regardless of how many times the coin has come up with heads in a row previously, even as incredibly improbable as it is that it would come up heads 999 times in a row previously. Obviously, if the coin did come up heads 999 times in a row, I might investigate whether the odds truly were 50/50.

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 19:42:56 UTC | #951080

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