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[Removed by moderator to bring within Terms of Use] No one's trying to take freedom away from women-did you even read the article? No ones trying to ban abortion or restrict reproductive rights in any way here, and how this has anything to do with the separation of church and state is beyond me. The state senate is trying to "pass(ed) measures banning abortion coverage under state employees' health care plans and exempting religious health care providers from having to cover birth control." You can argue about the merits o this law-personally, I'm not sure what proportion of employee health care plans cover abortion, so I can't really say whether this out of the mainstream or not, but comparing this law to the actions of the Taliban, as some commentators here have done, is stupid.

Fri, 23 Mar 2012 00:52:20 UTC | #929776

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Professor Dawkins had much more to say on the subject than your comments suggested! Here's a direct quote from his post yesterday. (comment #19)

"In America, it would be nice to think that there is no immediate risk that the much larger nuclear arsenal will fall into the hands of those responsible for inciting the murder of Gabrielle Giffords. Yet it is impossible to forget that one such individual was the Republican candidate for Vice President in the recent election."

That's about as blunt as it gets-Dawkins essentially blames Sarah Palin for inciting the murder of six individuals and the attempted murder of a national official without any proof that exists outside of his imagination. I'm no Sarah Palin fan, believe me-I voted for Obama in 2008-but to jump to spurious conclusions about any responsibility she might carry here is ridiculous. I still can't believe Professor Dawkins would give in to such an irrational, knee jerk reaction.

On another note, I thought the article this story linked too was also far from a level-headed analysis of the events from several days ago and and any indirect involvement Palin might have had in them. To me, it came across as just another sad attempt to make Sarah Palin as demonic and terrible as possible so we can all feel better about hating her. From the article: "A Nine year old girl is dead along with five other people—people with families, people who were someone’s world – and yet Ms Palin went to sleep last night feeling sorry for herself." Are you kidding me?

Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:18:54 UTC | #576691

Go to: Sarah Palin's camp says depraved liberals blame her for mass murders

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Thank you, Luka_qnice, for showing that gun and martial metaphors are nothing new in American politics and that trying to indirectly pin the murders of six innocent victims on Sarah Palin's rhetoric is insane. Many of the commentators on this site, including Mr. Dawkins himself, have senselessly jumped to conclusions about the shooters motivations that fit in with their own pre-existing biases about Ms. Palin and the Republican party without a single shred of evidence.

-Clear Thinking Oasis, indeed! I can't believe that a proponent of rationalism as famous and well respected as Richard Dawkins would try to assign reponsiblity to Sarah Palin for the tragedy well before all of the facts even came in. It looks even more incredible now that, as more and more information about the shooter comes out, it seems that he was a paranoid schizophrenic who's motivations are a jarbled mess of conspiracy theories and who knows what.Look at his youtube page that' been linked to here several times already-his only favorited video is a burning American flag, hardly something that would sit well with tea-partiers or Ms. Palin.

It's unbelievable that Richard Dawkins has the gall to claim that Sarah Palin is "responsible for inciting the murder of Gabrielle Giffords," (comment 19.) and that most of the commentators on this site have seemingly adopted that same sentiments with absolutely no proof. I think that in the interest of rationality Professor Dawkins should apologize for any claims he made on this website that blame Sarah Palin for this tragedy unless some new information comes out that substantiates them.

Mon, 10 Jan 2011 22:29:01 UTC | #576309

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