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"the fact that evelution is retarded because if we evelutionanized from apes than why are there still apes, gorillas, chimps, orangs, or whatever primate"

I think you need to know We didn't actually evolve from apes etc.

we are just one offshoot from earlier animals and they are another they are almost like cousins really Can you understand that? what is similar is that we have common ancestors like a tree and its branches

there are some interesting comments here I love to hear people's points of view.

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 12:41:57 UTC | #951208

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thanks for the discussion. glad to hear you are better now.

keep it up, read more books too!

I always find that when I feel down about anything that I just have to imagine the whole thing.. Cosmos down to the smallest particle think outside the book erm i mean Box. it just fills me with awe to think about all the particles whizzing about following their rules of movement etc

Hopefully the aliens will come out of the closet and free us all of the religious chains. I hear them in there please come out!! he hee

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 12:25:51 UTC | #951207

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I used to sing all those songs but around the age of 6 I had to go to sunday school thats where it all ended for me The 2brainwashers" asked my parent not to bring me again lol They said I was disruptive i.e. I was asking too many questions they couldn't answer and other kids would start to ask too

happened in Cubs too.

The likes of Beethoven had to write this sort of religious stuff same for painters too. how else are they going to live in the time they did. The religious bodies were in control and had most of the money. if ya gonna live you have to play along and at least do some of the things they want. if you tend to do your own thing you will be taken care of by those same bodies.

I do think they could have thought about the law suit first, maybe said look here there are other ways of celebratings the Winter solstice than what you already do

peace out guys

Mon, 24 Sep 2012 11:08:21 UTC | #951206

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