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Ignorance is cureable, stupidity isn't!

Fri, 13 Apr 2012 13:24:26 UTC | #934401

Go to: Does Preschool Matter?

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Re comment 12 by Helga and her first link to

This can't be correct simply because the egg from which I was fertilised was created by my grandparents and carried by my mother from her conception. My mother had no input whatsoever until fertilisation.

And, considering that my grandmother was born in 1878 it does raise several questions, including, is it nature, nurture or pre-school?

Wed, 07 Mar 2012 15:21:30 UTC | #925145

Go to: Plant blooms after 30,000 years in permafrost

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Interestingly enough I have grown Silene (Catchfly) in my garden and the flowers, although pink in the variety that I grew, are identical in form.

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:18:58 UTC | #920754

Go to: Ferroelectric switching discovered for first time in soft biological tissue

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At the moment they are playing 'what ifs and maybes'. This ferroelectricity was only discovered last year is sea shells but not in mammalian tissue, although the article only referes to bones. To date no tests appear to have been carried out on human tissue.

What has got them excited is that it was found in aortic tissue. Tissues that may be adversely affected by ageing and/or build up of atherosclerotic plaque which can lead to coronary or peripheral arterial disease or stroke.

It would appear that because they have found it in elastin which control the elasticity of tissue then there may be a possibiltiy of future medical applications if manipulation of the ferroelectricty can have a beneficial effect on potentially life threatening conditions.

This is just the first clue in what is a very complex puzzle and, of course, it may turn out to be just another cul-de-sac. But if you don't ask the questions you don't get any answers.

Wed, 01 Feb 2012 10:34:01 UTC | #913379

Go to: Turin Shroud resurrected

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I haven't read all the responses so if anyone else has mentioned this I apologise.

If you look at the dimentions of the human skull you will see that the eye-line is, near enough, midway between the top of the skull and the jaw-line, the top half contains the grey matter.

If you look at the skull of the image in the Shroud it is almost three quarters of the way up. this would mean that the brain of that individual was about the same size as a chimp. In human IQ terms terms probably a cretin.

So if they want a cretin for a saviour ....... Mind you Rick Perry might be in line along with a few others.

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 18:56:48 UTC | #902001

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