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Oh look - a report written by Catholics for Catholics.

I think the good old boys from the Catholick HQ know damn well what they are and what a putrid organisation they are in charge of. Silly pseudo-academic exercises like this report is designed more to try to keep the existing flock from straying than to convert or even convince those like us who can see the true picture. We are alright and so say we all.

Thu, 26 May 2011 11:32:20 UTC | #631081

Go to: Don't let religion hijack the Bible, says Richard Dawkins

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Comment 2 by JuJu :

Religion should not be allowed to “hijack” the great cultural resource of the Bible.

I can't imagine a single believer will be able to comprehend what that means.

I can see it now: Dawkins is trying to take our bible for his own atheistic desires. He doesn't think our religious beliefs came from the bible. Now we know for sure he's the devil. .

I'm rather expecting something along the lines of "See, even Dawkins is touched by the Word of the Lord, even he agrees how speshul it is."

A good strategy though.

Thu, 19 May 2011 07:26:25 UTC | #628309

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You forgot "42" and "eleventyseven", now its all screwed up !!!

Now we have to start all OVER again !!

Comment 32 by skiles1 :

I don't know whether to laugh or what.

In order to assemble a Camping's famous rapture shitburger, first of all, you'll need holy numbers. Got your holy numbers? Good. Now, get rid of all your holy numbers but 5, 10 and 17. Multiply them together twice. Next, add from April Fools' Day Ad33. And guess what that means.


I applaud Professor Dawkins' reserve.

Wed, 11 May 2011 05:53:32 UTC | #625681

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Have a look at the history of this type of criminal lunacy. The victim normally gets blamed for the inevitable failure. My guess is that the explanation for the failure of the prediction will simply be something along the lines of the followers having failed by not praying hard enough, not being holy enough or some such guilt-inducing dribble, thereby further deepening the dependency and guilt-ridden rollercoaster.

Isn't it funny? If I make a prediction that on the 21st May I will make all of my followers rich if only they give me money now I will (quite deservedly) be charged with fraud. If I do this in the name of religion, which btw offers a much bigger "prize", then it's all ok, deserving of attention and "respect".

Wed, 11 May 2011 05:49:32 UTC | #625680

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The next theist that dares try to convince me that "there can be no meaning to life without god" will get a hardcover copy of Hitch 22 stuffed up his or her left nostril, or other chosen bodily orifice.

Here is a man who has defined beauty, value and meaning in his life - and not a god in sight.

Thu, 28 Apr 2011 08:56:44 UTC | #620185

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