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Sadan said: "More people need to realize the simple fact that the world is utterly indifferent to our survival. The idea that we are somehow special in any objective sense is not only blindly selfish in the extreme, but ultimately foolish and destructive."

So, Sardan, just because YOUR mother did not love you as a child - or because YOU were not fortunate enough to be unconditionally loved as a child - doesn't mean everyone else feels (is) "just another number". SOME of us know how special we are and are (therefore) intuitively driven to maintain and preserve the inherent beauty of the earth - our only home :-)

Wed, 02 Jan 2008 16:46:00 UTC | #101318

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To k1gmy
61. Comment No. 97698 on 12 Dec:

"Fear is a great sales pitch and it is used to win over parents into vaccinating against every known ailment, when the necessity for doing so is not compelling."

Thank you for your post which I found to be very interesting and very honest.

Yes FEAR is a great "sales pitch" and its the very thing that organised religion thrives on... which is why I was so surprised to see the generally unquestioning (passive-aggressive) tone on an atheistic site like this.

Mon, 17 Dec 2007 13:06:00 UTC | #95155

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To Hungarian Elephant, No. 10, Comment No. 96843:-

Excellent post!!!

NB. I was taken aback when I saw this article on RDF... Has RD "sold his soul to the devil"? I wondered...

Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:30:00 UTC | #94294

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Richard Dawkins said:

"Children need to know about religion (in school) in order to find their way around the world"

No they don't. They can find their own way around the world without being taught about religion in schools - just like they can discover all sorts of other things about life as they grow up, i.e., things that they are naturally curious about. Religious belief need not necessarily be one of those things. Note, normal people (adults) don't waste their time and energy (Life) on things that are of no benefit to them.

He also said:

"(children) would ask "How did bees acquire the skills of making honey?" They (and we adults too) might also ask "Why are bees now dying in their droves?"

He also asks: "How do we help parents to educate their children....?"
Who is this WE he is talking about?

And finally, he scathingly talks about the Tax-Free staus of organised religion. Isn't the RDF now also a Tax-Free organisation?

Fri, 09 Nov 2007 16:59:00 UTC | #82669

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Everyone should see this guy: FKN NEWZ (and its all true!)

Mon, 29 Oct 2007 11:18:00 UTC | #79416

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