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Go to: Please sign our petition urging President Obama to recognize Darwin Day

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Here's to hoping Obama agrees.

Sun, 31 Jan 2010 14:56:00 UTC | #437074

Go to: <em>WEIT</em> a top tenner in China

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Impressive. Despite the Chinese government's penchant for banning books, they do, however, heavily promote science.
Ironically, here in the US, we have more "freedom" but a serious lacking in the same common science education.

When I read WEIT, I thought it was very thorough and extremely well written (kudos Prof Coyne!)
Unfortunately, the fact that a book like this is even necessary is really quite sad.

Sat, 30 Jan 2010 18:29:00 UTC | #436958

Go to: Louisiana Creation Bill: Science classes need change

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has a Biology degree Brown University, yet he’s a creationist. How does one get a Biology degree and yet still not understand the principles of evolution for which it’s based'
How does a creationist pass all those exams on evolution' Did he feel he had to lie in order to graduate'

EDIT: strangely all my question marks are being replaced with '. I tried to edit, but it just changes back.

Wed, 14 Jan 2009 09:56:00 UTC | #304140

Go to: My week: Ariane Sherine: I&#39;m a believer &ndash; in plastering buses with atheist slogans

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Nice work Ariane!
My only complaint is that I wish you had used some stronger wording.
I've already heard several christians saying things like "Probably is the furthest an atheist can go" as if it's equally likely that there "probably could be a god."
...and "I do enjoy life and I'm not worried because I know my eternal future in heaven." ...bla, bla, bla

Sun, 11 Jan 2009 07:43:00 UTC | #301932

Go to: China finds major dinosaur site

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Common creotard responses:
"Dinosaur fossils were put here to test our faith."
"Dinosaurs and man actually lived at the same time."
"Da lawd works in mysterious ways!"

Actually, about the only thing mysterious is why anyone today thinks the Buybull trumps science even in the face of overwhelming (and continuously mounting) evidence.

Tue, 06 Jan 2009 09:16:00 UTC | #298559

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