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Go to: Theology – truly a naked emperor

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Two responses to the Guardian article

Can Atheists Simply Ignore Theology? Only if they’re seeking a formula for intellectual irresponsibility.By ERIC REITAN

Another courtier speaks up: PZ Myers


Updated: Thu, 27 May 2010 18:16:20 UTC | #474155

Go to: Vatican climbdown over sex abuse remarks by senior cardinal

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The Vatican's one man 'loyal opposition' has made a call for bishops to tell the truth...

Kueng urges bishops to defy pope and opt for reform

"VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Swiss theologian Hans Kueng has urged Roman Catholic bishops to defy Pope Benedict and push through reforms from below to restore the credibility of their church shaken by child sexual abuse scandals.

The veteran liberal critic of the Vatican wrote in an open letter to bishops around the world on Thursday that Benedict's five years as head of the world's largest church had been "a papacy of missed opportunities and chances not taken."...

He said an open letter was his only way to reach bishops, the Church's key leaders at the local level, in what he called the Church's "worst crisis of confidence since the Reformation."...............

"Kueng urged bishops not to stay quiet about the need to reform the Church and to support initiatives for renewal. "Many great things in congregations and the whole Church were started by individuals or small groups," he said.

Although they swore obedience to the pope, bishops owed complete obedience only to God, he added: "You must not feel blocked by your oath from saying the truth about the current crisis in the Church, in your diocese and in your country."

Thu, 15 Apr 2010 20:05:00 UTC | #459962

Go to: Richard Dawkins calls for arrest of Pope Benedict XVI

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What’s that old saying - what goes around comes around...albeit this time with the shoe on the other foot. A German pope in trouble instead of a German priest: Martin Luther and his trouble with Rome that led to the Protestant Reformation. Luther excommunicated in 1521 - almost 490 years ago. Which does of course bring to mind Daniel and his end time predictions about seeing the ‘abomination that is causing desolation’.....(OK a modern take on things...)

Anyway, whatever is afoot re the Catholic Church, it looks to be heading for troubled waters...a new Reformation or ??? Moral authority now shredded with the abuse scandals, just where can the RCC hide from its sins....? The ‘temple’ build upon the rock of Peter set to shudder in some great religious upheaval? Whatever...

Good luck to Dawkins and Hitchens in their public stand against religious tyranny.


“Luther was excommunicated by Leo X on 3 January 1521, in the bull Decet Romanum Pontificem...................

............... private conferences were held to determine Luther's fate.The Emperor presented the final draft of the Diet of Worms on 25 May 1521, declaring Luther an outlaw, banning his literature, and requiring his arrest: "We want him to be apprehended and punished as a notorious heretic." It also made it a crime for anyone in Germany to give Luther food or shelter. It permitted anyone to kill Luther without legal consequence.”

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 06:52:00 UTC | #457944

Go to: Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope

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Richard might have a great way with words re the Catholic Church sex problems - but Zapiro, our local cartoonist, has a great way with pictures....

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 14:06:00 UTC | #453666

Go to: An Apology

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@OlivierK #650.

"2) I wasn't mocking a real divorce, but writing a comic set piece about a forum drama."

The problem with your use of the divorce analogy is that it is giving only one side of the story. Hence, as a divorce analogy it is pretty meaningless. Always, so the saying goes, there are two sides to every story.

I have used the divorce analogy to demonstrate that ALL sides in a divorce - as ALL sides in the Dawkins forum saga - are hurt by the divorce and its consequences. I am not excusing the actions of either side - nor am I seeking to exonerate either side. All I am trying to indicate is that there have been errors on both sides. Hence, when I don't see this acknowledged - then I don't see that there is any attempt at honesty being sought. Fair is fair.

Turning this whole forum sage into some comic set piece is making a mockery of the real pain and unhappiness that BOTH sides in this 'divorce' are bound to be feeling. All such a comic strip approach can do is to keep the wounds from this 'divorce' from healing. This has not been a fun time for either side. And if one really wants to ease the tension, then I would suggest that any fun element that one seeks to use should be applicable to both sides; that both sides can join in the fun.

Wed, 03 Mar 2010 18:32:00 UTC | #446353

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