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Go to: The BBC announces a major season marking the life and work of Charles Darwin

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Only UK residents can use the iPlayer facility for TV programmes, since it's paid for by the license fee and it would use too much bandwidth, or something like that to offer it abroad. You can use iPlayer to access BBC radio programmes online, though.

These BBC programmes seem to be tied in to a new science short course on Darwin and Evolution by the Open University, which I plan to do when it's available next year. Maybe I'll get all the vids with the course materials, since I also live outside the UK so won't see them all.

As I understand it, Richard Dawkins is involved in a separate project on Darwin with Channel 4 in the UK, so not sure if he'll be involved in the BBC one. If so, I'm sure they would have mentioned it in their promos.

Thu, 10 Jul 2008 11:25:00 UTC | #197387

Go to: Scientists rally against creationist 'superstition'

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Hi Buddha,

The OU course is going to be a 10 point science short course, so yes, it will be level 1. Should be a good entry level course.

Am not ready for level 3 yet myself, am working my way through the Cert in Contemporary Science before thinking about level 2 and above courses! Hope S366 Evolution is still going when I am ready for that, though.

Sun, 01 Jun 2008 07:59:00 UTC | #177615

Go to: Scientists rally against creationist 'superstition'

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Re. an earlier post, David Attenborough is making a documentary on Darwin for the BBC:

Don't know if it's tied to the OU course mentioned above, though, as they seem to be doing a separate series of programmes. Am definitely going to do that course when it starts:

Richard Dawkins is doing a programme on Origin of Species for Channel 4, according to the Darwin online link above.

There's going to be loads of stuff on around the world. Definitely worth a look.

Sun, 01 Jun 2008 04:15:00 UTC | #177567

Go to: Mail-boat record 'proves Darwin stole his original ideas from a Welsh scientist'

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As I understand it, Darwin and Wallace maintained a correspondance after publication of their theories. I wouldn't have thought Wallace would do so if Darwin had nicked his idea and got the credit. Have to agree with the earlier comment, though, what matters most is that we know about evolution, not who got there first.

Mon, 26 May 2008 11:21:00 UTC | #175515

Go to: Repulsive but right

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Here's a great quote from another article in the Guardian:

Florence [Peter Florence, director of the literary festival] said his highlights so far had been Rushdie's lecture and Hitchens's aggressive demolition of religion, which the author of God Is Not Great said "came from the fearful infancy of our species". When one audience member asked whether Hitchens risked being accused of racism when he confused cultural and religious practices, he replied: "If you want to accuse me of being a racist, fucking well stand up and do it."

Asked if Hitchens was a bully, Florence replied: "The secular side has been kicked around and bullied. We're the ones who've got fatwas and death threats and if we've got a big boy standing up for us at last, then that's a good thing."

Mon, 26 May 2008 10:57:00 UTC | #175507

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