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Go to: Why do we find mountains beautiful?

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Simple Thesis for preferring Hills over Lowland: Some of our Ancestors could have been faced with the Choice between warm, rich of Food, swampy Lowlands with a lot of Malaria, many predators and bad sight between the Trees. Or colder Hilland with less Food, less Predators, no Malaria, save Places in Steep Cliffs and a good sight for nearing Predators. Well, seems, that the hardwired love for higher Places was the better Gene.

Tue, 10 Jul 2012 19:48:50 UTC | #948865

Go to: Why Eastern Germany is the most godless place on Earth

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Two weekends ago, I did my own Field research in my Home-Village in very Catholic southern Germany. My Father died a Year ago. Therfore my Mother bought a Prayer for him (for paying EUR 2.50 to the Church, the Priest mentions among others the Names of deceased Persons within the Prayer...). She did this more or less, because ist´s the way it is. And because the neighbors could think bad otherwise, She asked us to come along. I went along with one of my (also atheist) Brothers, his somewhat more or less believing Wife, Son and Daughter and my Mother to the Catholic Church. It´s some sort of fun, when I go to Church due to Family reason. You have to know, that me and my two Brothers are quite tall, I am 1.98 Metres and my Brothers are 2.02 and 2.03. And I like the look of the Priests face, when we cross the Hands on the Back, look annoyed or just ignore anything while the Others recite their Creed.
Now back to the normal Church Service in my home Village some 14 Days ago. Wenn, there are 2400 Inhabitants in the Village with at least 1800 so called Catholics. What do you think, how many were actually in Church? Wel, there were around 30 People around or over 65 Years old, mostly women, 2 younger Women, a young man of polish heritage with 2 Children around 3-5 Years old, 2 Altar servers (one of them female), the (also female) Sacristan and the Priest. All in all 48 People (including 2 Atheists..). That were around 2.6 % of all Catholics in the Village. And this in a Village, where only 50 Years ago, Children had to bring a written Excuse from their Parents to Religious Education in School, when they havent visited Church the Sunday before, or face physical beating through the Priest (if they were lucky). This stopped in the early 60s only, after some Parents threatend to reverse the "Favor" to the Priest...

Mon, 14 May 2012 22:35:21 UTC | #941489

Go to: Stone-Throwing Chimp Thinks Ahead

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This reminds me of my fathers Grey Parrots. Many Years ago, we found repeatetly stones in the Bathing Tub of a Group of young Greys. After observing the Group for some Days, the Riddle was solved. Some of the Parrots had learned to pick up stones an climb up on a Branch about 1.8 Metres over the bathing Tub (with a lot of effort). here they waited until an other Grey parrot wanted to drink or bath. AS soon as one was near enough, at least one Stone fell from upon and the Parrot was splashed wet, followed by a lot of Noise reminding of hysterical laughter... Sometimes a Parrot waited half an hour or longer to prank a co-parrot like this.

Mon, 14 May 2012 21:22:05 UTC | #941483

Go to: Altruistic 'cure' for malaria

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Useless, unless you can poison the blood of any Mammal (including all Humans), any Bird and many Repiles and Amphibians every 24 hours....

Tue, 08 May 2012 18:51:14 UTC | #940589

Go to: Catholic School?

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So, you think about two alternatives. Here ist a third. Start talking about the Problem. With you Neighbours, with he state School´s Directors, with whoever is responsible in your Government for the State Schools. Bring your Ideas to change the Situation, Start Fund raising for the State School and so on. Just do something against it.

Tue, 08 May 2012 18:36:30 UTC | #940587

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