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Time compresses History
History compresses Time

That's why we count today in the minutes and hours
but count the past in years, Milleniw and era's.

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 12:54:00 UTC | #445336

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Comment #424115 by Masrock on October 16, 2009 at 8:58 am
re your complaint: i have already made this complaint when the advert for this appeared in my e-mail a couple of months ago.
the reply was simple enough; the people putting this on are based and live in London, it is difficult enough to get everyone together for it without moving it away from their home bases. it's essentially Robin Ince with friends who put it on and this is where they want it to be, and the only place they can get it done withing time and budget. apologies were offered, but at present there's nothing they could do.
if such a show where to happen outwith London it would have to be put on and organised by someone else.

Fri, 16 Oct 2009 12:18:00 UTC | #405931

Go to: Real debates about faith are drowned by the New Atheists' foghorn voices

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To be honest i'm quite astonished when i read an article like this that the antagonists have dug themselves into such a philosophical hole.
yes, like religion, there are those who state their claims with certitude and force, and that is their right but like religion, there is a wide spectrum of non-belief, from, 'I wish it was true but i can't see it' to 'don't be so B####y stupid' and each has the right to say so. yet the religious apologists have fallen into some trap of their own making by 'targetting' those they see as the most challenging and developing the most purile argument i've ever heard, that is 'There are those atheist who act as if they are certain, therefore all atheists are wrong, because only moderate, soft spoken, pleasant at cocktail parties, middle of the road thinkers ahve the ability to form reasonable philosophies about religion'.
Dawkins, Hitchens and Co (although the others may not think themselves to be merely 'Co') have looked very carefully at the issues and, like religions, for thousands of years have decided to take the fight straight to the source, and they have this right. Those who do not fit directly into that subset think otherwise, have the right to do so, those that do, have the right to do so. the issue at hand here is that the more we think and talk the sillier religious belief becomes and the less point religion makes.
so what if some of us are argumentative and 'strident', what's wrong with that? so what if it is contributing to the downfall of religious belief in the west, what's wrong with that? so what if religion can't keep up with the modern world, what's wrong with that?
i too yearn for those cosy days when as a child i could feel safe within the warmth of my mother's arms, but i grew up, so should we.
a world without religion may be a different kind of world, but religion has no absolute right to exist for the rest of time just because it's kinda cosy and warm and safe. maybe the world would be better off without it, maybe the world would be worse without it, who knows? but simply trying to arrest the passage of time because a bad man shouted at you, shows a lack of courage, a misunderstanding of the way the world works and nothing more than closing your eyes, really tight and wishing the bad things would go away.

Tue, 07 Apr 2009 00:53:00 UTC | #344975

Go to: Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins!

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Merry Birthday mate, keep up the good work


Sat, 28 Mar 2009 07:54:00 UTC | #340694

Go to: Competition, Not Climate Change, Led To Neanderthal Extinction, Study Shows

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studies concerning the end of the Neanderthals in Europe are always biased towards the western edge of the continent, where competative and dating evidence can be easily read to suggest a timeline for the takeover. but little (and nothing here) has been said concerning the eastern part of the European land mass. it is possible that Neanderthals lived on for a longer time in the east than they did when they hit the Atlantic barrier. new evidence from the eastern areas has suggested that there are Neaderthals sites that are of later date than the supposed extiniction dates in the west and there is more evidence to come concerning neanderthal climate preferences and their survival. i would suggest therefore, that it is time to look to the east for the last story of Neanderthals not the west.

Fri, 02 Jan 2009 03:43:00 UTC | #295975

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