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Lies work and always have.

The entire ongoing history of the Roman Catholic Church is best summed up as The Prosperity of Lies.

In this case, despite considered and thoughtful articles like the one above and the work of people like Christopher Hitchens, this lie has worked spectacularly well for Rome. Here in Ireland any mention of the name of this woman is automatically associated with the false image she manufactured. To present the facts would require a budget of resources equal to that which went into propagating the false image in the first place. Grand lies never kill the truth completely. They don't have to. All it requires is to minimise those who see the truth to the point they are far outnumbered by those who believe the lie. Ratzinger is smirking.

Sat, 29 Oct 2011 09:54:23 UTC | #885172

Go to: Why Atheism Will Replace Religion: New Evidence

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The first two paragraphs start off badly with a misinterpretation of the word atheist. What is being referred to is professed atheism as opposed to atheism. If people live in country where you'd be killed for saying you are an atheist they're hardly going to show up in a survey. That don't mean everyone is a believer. It's also natural that a human choosing the best path for progress will use the established structures, like religion, whether they believe it or not. The most likely people to rise in a religion are atheists since they're more likely to realise they have to compete with/defeat other humans and no sky fairy is going to help them.

Atheists who join atheist organisations, gather with other atheists, confine themselves generally to atheists speakers and books are professed atheists. They are in a sense paying witness to their atheism.

An atheist can be anyone from Herr Ratzinger the Mullah Omar Mohammed or a practising Catholic/Protestan/Muslim running a mult-national corporation. An atheist can be an IRA assassin who makes great play of being a devout Catholic knowing it provides good cover. I've met them. An atheist is not someone who tells people he/she does not believe in god's.

Some atheist organisations already show how organised religions are formed as do millions of individual atheists by their attitudes. Religious tendencies start to show when someone, raised up and prominent, can't be criticised or held to the same standards as a bishop. The reaction does not even have to be one that that person agrees with. Look at the recent "World" Atheist Convention in Dublin. All the seeds are there. They've evolved slightly but the collective is there with the possibility of being redirected for someone else's selfish purposes.

There is no reason an atheist movement or organisation can't be hijacked by a self promoting individual.

Neither is there any reason to believe that some things that are a matter of opinion, for example P Z Rich Chris DawHitchens is wonderful and has done x,y,z for the "atheist cause"...., will not form themselves into tenets to the extent that anyone who disagrees will be treated with suspicion and ultimately marginalised. That's how religions work. One could even say where religion ends atheist organisations begin....

Fri, 29 Jul 2011 13:04:12 UTC | #855553

Go to: Bulletins from the Dublin Atheist Conference

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Quote:Commenting that in Ireland “we live in remarkable times”, she said “all our gods have crumbled . . . sacred texts, infallible truths have been exposed as shams”. She was struck by the “comparison between the unquestioning deference shown to bankers, developers, and economic authorities with that shown to religious authority” in Ireland.

As much as I like Ivana she seems to suffer from the same disease that's prevalent in AI: overblown statements meant to impress the visitors. It's a common Irish disease.

Anyone not in the country would think churches were empty and the whole population had gone agnostic overnight. Recently a banquet was held for the visit of the Queen. One of the guests was the catholic archbishop Brady famous for swearing child rape victims to secrecy. No one batted an eyelid. There was no outcry.

Then she goes on to remark on the existence of some mysterious deference to bankers etc. She's mixing up a gang of corrupt politicians who carried on a cosy mutually self serving arrangement with developers and bankers and trying to reconstitute that as national shift away from the Catholic Church in order to play to visiting atheists.

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 02:52:37 UTC | #635748

Go to: Top 10 most depressing facts of reality and how to be happy about them

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10. People will keep making lists that are supposed to explain everything.

True: people will for now and ever more make lists. The list will always be 10 entries long. When the atheists make lists at least they will leave number 10 blank so you can add your own contribution. This making up lists of 10 is because of the influence of the Bible. A rock zapping invisible man who was alleged to be everywhere made an old guy climb a very difficult mountain with two very heavy stone tablets and no Sherpa’s. Then he lasered a bunch of very simplistic one dimensional rules onto the stone tablets.


There were 10 rules.


Every since then people have been making lists of things for all sorts of diverse ways of seeing the world and the lists always have 10 entries. There are top 10 lists for things like, for example, 10 ways to tell you are a gay conservative cowboy to 10 ways to spot illegal whale meat in your local fishmongers. There is even a top ten list of the top ten ways a gay conservative cowboy can buy whale meat cheap by blackmailing fishmongers and selling it on to dog food corporations. Of course that one only works if the fishmonger has not already come into possession of the top 10 ways to spot a gay conservative cowboy who has read the top 10 ways to buy whale meat cheap by blackmailing fishmongers. In that case the gay conservative cowboy is sunk….unless he’s read the top 10 ways to spot a fishmonger who has read the top 10 ways to spot a gay conservative cowboy who has read the top 10 ways to spot a fishmonger selling whale meat.


There may even be a top 10 list of the all time best top 10 ten lists in the whole universe floating around somewhere in the world. That list is the one you need to find but your search will be difficult. Before you begin you need to find a top ten list of the top ten ways to spot the very best top ten lists. Good luck in your search:-)


Fri, 07 May 2010 19:49:40 UTC | #467597

Go to: The Internet: Where religions come to die

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The vast majority of believers are not on the internet.

Wed, 28 Apr 2010 18:43:00 UTC | #463719

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