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Go to: The Afterlife for Scientologists

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His soul will be "born again into the flesh of another body," as the Scientology Press Office's FAQ puts it.


When a body dies, its thetan forgets the details of the former life

SO WHY------

Members of the elite church cadre known as Sea Org, for example, sign contracts that pledge a billion years of service throughout successive lives

Why would you sign a pledge that can't mean anything when you 'return' because you won't remember it? I don't get it!!!

Wed, 13 Aug 2008 10:44:00 UTC | #217109

Go to: Texas State Board of Education approves Bible course for high schools

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You know the people who want the bible in thier schools are the same people who would be banning and burning books that are a lot less racy then the bible if that still was in fashion.

Also, I worke for an East Texas School district (not a teacher, a computer tech) and 90% of the classrooms have religious posters, sayings, or pictures on the walls. Also about the same percentage of emails I receive from teachers have some sort of religious comment or pictures on them (crosses, hands folded in prayer, etc.)

Having a bible class in this area won't make much difference in what's going on out here. Even the school newsletters that go out to the entire campuses have prayer requests and blessings sections.

Yes, this is a PUBLIC school!

Sat, 19 Jul 2008 13:27:00 UTC | #203103

Go to: New legal threat to school science in the US

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Because the law allows individual boards and teachers to make additions to the science curriculum without clearance from a state authority, the responsibility will lie with parents to mount a legal challenge to anything that appears to be an infringement of the separation of church and state.

Anything besides evolution or soemthing like Lamarckism would seem to me to have to be religous or supernatural.

I'm glad people like Barbara Forrest have the energy to keep up the 'good fight'.

Wed, 09 Jul 2008 12:07:00 UTC | #196726

Go to: Yoko Ono, Filmmakers Caught in 'Expelled' Flap

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I think Quine is correct although I am no expert. I understood that you could use portions of someone elses copyrighted material if it was for criticism or commentary. And even then you have to be careful of how much of the material you use. (copyrighted material to commentary ratio) In other words you couldn't reprint an entire book and then at the end write a sentence at the end saying you didn't like it. So if the film is using the song to critize it that is one thing, but if they are using it for background music that is an entirely differnet thing.

Thu, 17 Apr 2008 11:04:00 UTC | #154715

Go to: Expelled Overview

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This is a win-win situation for the fundamentalists (or should I say spin-spin). If this doesn't get wide release they will say that that is proof that they are being persecuted. If it gets a wide release and nobody watches it because of bad reviews they will say the same. And if it is successful they will say that God helped them overcome the scientist's ridicule of their movie.

I may not have it exactly right on how it will be spun but I am sure it will be.

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 07:45:00 UTC | #142158

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