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I remember that in my country of origin we used to have (still current) a National Identity Card. If you did not want to be an "organ donor" then you had to fill a form and then it was stated (printed) in your National Identity Card that you are "Not an organ donor", otherwise (if nothing is stated) YOU ARE A DONOR!

Mon, 27 Feb 2012 21:28:01 UTC | #922558

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Has this been sent to the media yet? How long before xtian retaliation?

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 01:39:22 UTC | #917457

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Mon, 13 Feb 2012 00:42:35 UTC | #917035

Go to: UK government bans creationist schools

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Well done BHA !!!

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 05:22:10 UTC | #907159

Go to: [Updated 15th Jan]- Atheists have no right... - Atheists face Muslim-led censorship from UCL Union

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Tue, 10 Jan 2012 21:48:31 UTC | #907057

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