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Go to: Why 9/11 was good for religion

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Templeton journalist Andrew Brown states: 9/11 strengthened fundamentalism in every global faith – and in atheism too. But it has also led to backlashes against these doctrines. …. secularisation theory, which had been very fashionable, was wrong." ........ a reaction to modernity as liberalism or secular optimism. These ideologies ….….

So Atheism is a doctrine and secular optimism is an ideology and secularization is fashionable but wrong ?!?

So Andrew Brown : what is your proposal then : true conservative theocracy rather than failed modern ideologies like secular democracy ??

cartoons in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005, and the furore surrounding it, demonstrated the deliberate use of blasphemy as a weapon in cultural wars.

Blasphemy is a victimless ‘crime’ and the one cartoon with a bearded men with the bomb in his Sikh style turban was not necessary meant as the prophet Mohammed but just as a common Muslim. So as blasphemy is against a deity and not a prophet or priest it can’t be blasphemy at all, and meant as common Muslim male to highlighting the fact that 99% of bomb attacks we encounter every week are carried out my Muslims. So how can the drawing of a carton to highlight widespread Islamophobia (seeing every Muslim as a potential terrorist) using blasphemy as weapon ???

The religious nutters are using the allegedly hurt religious feeling as weapon to force special rights and concessions from the media and Western governments, and they use blasphemy laws to suppress the basic right of free speech. So cartoons are not using blasphemy as weapon.

Mon, 12 Sep 2011 01:34:40 UTC | #869530

Go to: Amoebae Get Organized

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Wow : Holy Mary mother of god created Amoebae Dictyostelium discoideum in her own image !

Hurry and tell Francis Collins : he might kneel down and pray to the amoebae group assembling into a slug like Madonna -- after F.C. finished praying to a frozen 3 level waterfall as incarnation of the Holy Trinity of course .....

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 02:45:25 UTC | #869256

Go to: New study disputes notion that men are better at spatial thinking than women

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Article: Throughout much of human history, it has been assumed by both men and women that men are somehow better able to solve so-described spatial problems than are women.

Sorry it has not been ‘assumed’ it was shown test after test, brain-scan after brain-scan that there are differences between genders, the intensity, location, statistical distribution are pinned down – tons of evidence. Men ON AVAERAGE have better spatial skills and women ON AVERAGE (thanks to 15% more nerve fibers in the corpus callosum connecting right and left hemisphere) are better in verbal skills. Females have another hormonal chemistry mix than men, which are expressed in the brain. Tons of evidence here also and some books especially on this topic like ‘the female brain’ and ‘the male brain’ for example.

Test have been done with letting boys play with dolls and girls with cars, and usually the dolls head is used as football from the boys and the car is cuddled and put to bed from the girl, so just dressing the boys in pink and let them play dolls is not changing their genetic makeup of brain wiring and hormone cocktail.

Of course there are environmental factors beside genetics. Factors changing the brain wiring which can improve spatial ability, and training of the abilities is also crucial. Tribes from the dense jungle (whether males or females) have much less spatial ability than tribes on the open plains. So millions of years hunting zebras on the open plains, calculate the speed of pray with own speed and coordinate throwing stone tools to hit the running pray and to find home afterwards( miles away) leave another predisposition on inherited traits, than for females gathering fruits near the cave. Of course not using this predisposition advantage is weakening the skills and especially training them is strengthening it. And all pure nurture apostles ignoring or even scorning those gender differences are not scientific but political motivated.

So this article here is obviously coming from the ‘blank slate’/ there are no gender differences/ all is nurture /political correctness …. gang. It even don’t mentioned the absolute results but just the difference in group A (male dominated) A-male 136 A-female 100 but how was the female dominated B village absolute level ??

(1) B-male 100 B-female 100 means males in male dominated setting perform better and are pulled DOWN if female dominated => the world is losing spatial ability by suppressing males

(2) or was it B-male 136 B-female 136 => so showing that females in male domination are performing bad and the world is gaining spatial ability by suppressing males.

So for me the study seems not scientific, as the reason why the difference is occurring was not traced down, other environmental factors (different surrounding landscape …..) not mentioned as possible source of difference or factored in, the cultural difference of male versus female dominated culture not investigated in detail -like have the men different jobs, different hormonal levels, different hobbies (spatial ability training ), maybe it’s just a nonsense correlation, like villagers from A eat more bananas ergo they have better spatial ability than B who eats apples.

What’s with 3D tests – we are living in a 3D world and every simple IQ test has those or did they showed general male 3D spatial advantage and findings were suppressed therefore not fitting into the agenda ? Interesting topic – but please let proper science drive you and not political motivation.

Fri, 02 Sep 2011 01:55:11 UTC | #866527

Go to: Rick Perry's God

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Praying for rain in the US of A : maybe some native American shamanic rain dance would be helpful.

Reminds me at the official ordering to pray for rain in all dioceses in the Philippines ordered from the Catholic Bishops Conference some year back when the El Nino delayed the usual rain season. And guess what : their prayer helped ! as it started raining heavily just 3 weeks delayed to the normal rain season. Wow rain in the rain season must be a miracle based on prayers no natural explanation possible for rain in the rain season isn’t it ?!? And it was raining so heavily for several days that it caused huge flooding in some areas, and they had to pray for the end of rain.

In Australia the faithful around Sydney encountering draught and forest fires were desperately praying for rain – well and god Yahweh send them rain, lots of rain for Australia but to the north so Brisbane was severely flooded. Well ….. Yahweh is Judean fertility god, so maybe not really the expert for making rain and not too familiar with Australia either ……

Tue, 30 Aug 2011 05:36:25 UTC | #865445

Go to: Evangelicals question the existence of Adam and Eve

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Interesting comments on the original (NPR) web-page. How Christians try to rationalize this and winding themselves into apologetic knots. Adam was just one out of many humans – so where is the problem etc… overlooking that then only a small subset of homo sapiens are descendants of Adam from around 4000BC - and only a small subset is stained with the eternal sin.

And of course atheist bashing for the internal discussion from Evangelicals: who are you to tell me what to believe, I need some god as brain soother in difficult times.

and so on ...

Tue, 30 Aug 2011 00:58:23 UTC | #865383

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