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Go to: Anti-evolution bill clears another hurdle

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The idea that evolution is just a theory and therefore shouldn't be trusted is ridiculous. Creationism is not science and most of the people on this web-site realize that. The problem is trying to get faith based believers to use their brains long enough to let go of some of their dogma. I invite you all to check out the followoing link. This guy is a friend of mine and he has an absolutely hilarious way of getting his point across about the sheer stupidity of creationism. It's just a blog he's written a few things on, but it's written as if he were Foghorn Leghorn and he let's the creationists have it right between he eyes. If you read it out loud while doing your best Foghorn Leghorn imitation you will fall off your chair laughing, but what even better is you don't even realize he's going for the jugular vein on the unsuspecting creationists until you are half way through the article. Then he skewers them but good and he makes some very excellent points on how easy it is to take those morons feet out from under them. I'm quite sure he will be writing more on this subject. This is the link to the article on his blog. This may inject a little humor in all this creationist stupidity for you.

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 09:24:00 UTC | #151106

Go to: The New Atheist Movement

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An interesting video. These people tout themsleves as being reasonable and rational and scientific, but there is not one single statement in the entire video that is supported by any hard evidence. The sad thing I fear is that many people lack the critical thinking skills to see that. It's too bad that you can comment on this video on you tube because that is where so many people will see it and simple nod their heads in agreement. If we could comment there at least we could show people how irresponsible and disrespectful to the human condition these people are being. Unfortunalely this video is just one of many shameful examples of how far theists will go to hang on to their delusions. Someone needs to down load this and edit a rebuttal right into the original video. That sounds like somthing I should do. What a great idea! I'm of to go intellectually slay the christians.

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 11:48:00 UTC | #117015

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