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Comment 3 by strangebrew :

Comment 2 by justthisguyyaknow

She came to her atheism via the common method of trying to defend her beliefs.

But how many xians actually try defending their faith?

Perhaps the phrasing that would be more accurate is "trying to justify her beliefs to herself." I agree with your assessment of how believers do not "defend" their faith well when engaged by a non-believer. But the critical way out of faith is NOT on that stage.

It's an internal discussion. Getting believers to even consider having that discussion with themselves is the goal. The believer is taught to deflect and run from self-doubt about faith issues. Finding a way to help them see that engaging their doubts, on their own terms, in their own time is a good thing... THAT'S the place to work on.

Wed, 06 Jun 2012 16:41:05 UTC | #945910

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Comment 22 by Schrodinger's Cat :

Phenomenon X doesn't fail to exist simply because one has shoved it into some impossible category. It fails to exist because it genuinely doesn't exist.

Show me "phenomenon X" and we can talk. The religious simply have assertion X to explain phenomena. I think Carroll's right on the money on this one.

God is an assertion, not a phenomenon.

Tue, 08 May 2012 03:25:50 UTC | #940480

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Re:the cover: agreed... Not great... But surely we have some artists or design professionals on this board who can provide some alternatives?

I'm sure Sean would be fair in compensating you if your art is chosen for a new cover.

Personally, I like whoever is designing Sam Harris' recent covers for "Lying" and "Free Will."

Sat, 05 May 2012 13:48:55 UTC | #939898

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Now, addending my comments, perhaps refudiating some points in the wake of reading all y'all's vituperation:

I like Daniel Dennett's saying that "Words are memes that can be pronounced." As such, an obscure word is just one that is failing in the battle for survival of the, most often used, repeated, or valued word: Pronounced less often, so having a smaller presence in the meme pool.

So why is a word valued? Because it imparts distinction. My high school algebra teacher was fond of his "definition of a definition."

A definition contains a class, and a description of what makes the thing being defined different from all other things in that class."

A surfeit, plethora, or myriad of synonyms serve hopefully to provide fine distinction among members of a class -- if not just more rhyming options for a poem, while retaining the same basic meaning.

I'm reading Dickens' "Great Expectations" currently and I am bowled over by his ability to turn a phrase. Sure, some of the words are dated, but by and large his use of "obscure" words adds flavor and sheer joy to the act of reading. His mastery of the vocabulary is astonishing! (IMHO)

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 22:19:12 UTC | #937091

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Comment 1 by Agrajag :

Does it bother anyone else that some current dictionaries list "infer" and "imply" as synonyms? A good read for those who enjoy the oddities of the English language is Bill Bryson's "The Mother Tongue". Steve

I forget the TV show, but love the lifelong lesson it imparted: A geek is being confronted by a bully, who is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Bully: "Are you inferring I'm not smart?"
Geek: "No, no... I'm implying it. To infer is to TAKE meaning from something, to imply is to GIVE meaning"
Bully: (thinks for a moment, then raises his fist to puch the Geek) "Well infer THIS!" (SMACK!!)

Tue, 24 Apr 2012 21:41:15 UTC | #937085

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