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Comment 23 by mmurray :

Ah OK sorry. I take it all back.

Where is the recording of the court proceedings ?

Thanks - Michael

The link is in the first paragraph in my post above, as is a link to the video of the event.

For the former you have to scroll down a bit to get to the recording of the court proceedings.

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 11:48:51 UTC | #926374

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Comment 21 by mmurray :

Comment 20 by Ramases :

I am quite sure the Koran does not say Mohammad rose from the dead.

I wondered about this as well but it says

Perce was marching in a parade with a fellow atheist dressed as a "Zombie Pope"

so I think the zombie bit didn't carry an implication of risen from the dead like a zombie jesus might.


Michael, listen to the recording of the court proceedings. Perce says he depicted Mohammad as a zombie because the Koran says Mohammad rose from the dead. Nothing wrong with making fun of religon, but as I said I think we need to get our facts right if we do. Perce is an idiot.

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 10:17:18 UTC | #926364

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What an incredible beat up!

My first reaction on reading this was to take the side of the alleged "victim" and think some travesty had taken place. Having heard the recoding of the court room proceedings (available here) and the video of the so-called assault (here) I have changed my mind completely.

The judge was quite right in acquitting the defendant, not because his beliefs justified assault (which the judge never said), but because there is insufficient evidence to support the charge. It was a "he said, he said" situation. This video is unclear, and to convict someone on that would be a travesty. What it does make clear that if anything did happen it was very very brief, and would not rise to the standard of what any reasonable person would call harassment. This, by the way, is the reasons the judge actually gave for dismissing the charges, and I think he was right.

I think the comments of the judge were inappropriate, over the top, and covered matters irrelevant to the case. The fact that people may be executed for religious reasons in some countries is a massive human rights abuse, and should not be used to attack rights of free expression in the US or anywhere else.

Ernest Perce had a perfect right to wear the costume he did, and if he really HAD been assaulted, and there was sufficient evidence for it, the assailant should have been convicted. This was simply not the case in this situation.

Although I disagree with much of the judges' comments, having had a look at the evidence I don't have a great deal of respect for Ernest Perce either. He seems a bit of an idiot with a very thin skin - someone who can give it but not take it. If we atheists are to attack irrational religious beliefs, as I think we should, I think we should at least get our facts right, and I am quite sure the Koran does not say Mohammad rose from the dead (as Perce claims in the court proceedings). Perce also seems to have acted in a very petty and vindictive manner in perusing such a charge for such a trivial incident. I have been in demonstrations in which I have had minor encounters with opponents such as that described (if it were true) and like most in some situations I have taken the attitude of live and let live. Shit happens. Get on with your life.

Perce describes Talaag Elbayomy as a “violent Muslim" but he was clearly only a guy out with his family who got a bit emotional for a moment. A conviction could have serious impact on Elbayomy for the rest of his life, and could perhaps also impact upon his US residency. Ernest Perce should have acted like an adult and given the guy a break.

Mon, 12 Mar 2012 10:06:04 UTC | #926361

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It is always annoying when new age nutters cherry pick "facts" from the history of civilizations such as the Maya in support of their own limited and laughable belief systems.

Apart from anything else is demonstrates quite an enormous failure of imagination and capacity for wonder.

The Mayan civilization is fascinating. Their achievements in architecture, astronomy and mathematics, their culture and history. They had their down side of course - their ritual warfare etc. But all of it is interesting, and requires no elaboration for it to be so.

These things are interesting in themselves - why hijack history for woo when reality is so fascinating?

Sat, 03 Dec 2011 00:44:27 UTC | #895174

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Comment 4 by Vorlund :

I wonder which came first in their domestication, their use as a food supply or their use in hunting and defence? I suspect the former.

Adiroth, I have to compeletly disagree.

Dogs are carnivorous. It does not usually make sense to keep carnivorous animals for meat, as they have to eat other animals to grow to size. This creates another unnecessary step in the food chain and makes them far less resourse effective.

That is why nearly all the animals we eat are vegetarians - cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens.

There are occasional exceptions to this, as in some socieities which eat dogs. But these are the exceptions which prove the rule and probably brought about due to exceptional social circumstances.

And I am quite sure it is a pretty new and limited practice which would not go back more than a few thousand years.

The relationship between wolves and humans which led to domestic dogs would almost certainly have come about due to hunting and defence.

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 09:31:06 UTC | #892737

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