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Comment 3 by Rtambree :

Science is progressing faster and faster.

How many revolutions of understanding have occurred this century? More planets & stars aren't revolutions - that's just "botany".

Where's the relativity & quantum revolutions that we had a century ago?

the biggest advances in the past few decades have not been great leaps in physics, but science is not just physics, is it?

There has been great advances in biology and medicine. Treatments that were unimaginable decades ago, like cancer vaccines.

Not to mention great advances in technology and communication.

The fact that we live in a technological age, where complex technology that requires the understanding and implementation of fundamental physics like quantum mechanics and relativity suggests that these physical theories are certainly part of a greater truth, and by definition are correct (within the limited frame of reference they describe) otherwise the technology we enjoy would not work.

In fact, it would be astounding if a revolution washed our current understanding of the world; just like relatvity and quantum mechanics washed away Newton. Astounding because all this smart, useful technology around us works.

So I don't expect such a revolution, more of an evolution.

Thu, 13 Oct 2011 23:08:01 UTC | #880688

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Paxman (an educated man himself) gave Dawkins a really easy ride!

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 14:55:01 UTC | #870800

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it says "children of all ages"; but realistically, what is the lower age limit for this book?

Would a 6 year old understand the way the science is presented? (of course, it would be read to her)

Tue, 13 Sep 2011 20:38:19 UTC | #870501

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Comment 90 by BoltzmannBrain :

Please don't equate pure mathematicians with physicists. Physicists are an awful lot cleverer.

what an idiotic thing to say

Fri, 19 Aug 2011 14:58:01 UTC | #862487

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I'd like evidence that conclusively shows that-

First of all, in science, there is no such thing as conclusive evidence. Surely, as a member of this site, you know that?

  • A 150 year compilation of global temperatures is a large enough data set to draw conclusions about a planet that is billions of years old.
  • evidence is there. Go and study it.

  • That any rise in temperature is in no way related to the Earth's dynamic climate, nor related to variations in the energy received from the Sun.
  • evidence is there. Go and study it.

  • That humans are a major contributing factor to any established rise in global temperate.
  • evidence is there. Go and study it.

    That if it is established that temperatures have risen in-congruent to the Earth's natural cycle, and that humans are the major contributing factor,

    evidence is there. Go and study it.

    that there is anything that can be definitively done WITHOUT the cooperation of the major offenders- China and India.

    we need everybody on board. The major offenders have been in the west, overwhelmingly the USA. China is a massive problem now. They are also in the lead when it comes to renewables. If we miss the boat, China will get the techological advance on clean energy generation and distribution, meaning more money for their economy and less for ours.

  • That the US will not bear the brunt of the cost associated with any such scheme, which will do far more damage to the economy than having temperatures a few degrees warmer.
  • US business, as well as business aroung the world, should see low/no carbon; fuel efficient technologies and innovations as a way to make money. Of course, lots of US dollars are tied up in big oil. These investors need to start looking to the future. Or see the future go to economies that see the advantage in embracing new technology.

    Seriously, if you are concerned about the quality of evidence, you are not going to find it here in a few paragraphs. You need to study the science, look at the evidence, look at the models and predictions. But there is evidence from every corner of science: chemists, biologists, glaciologists, oceanographers, geographers, geologists, zoologists. All these disciplines are drawing conclusions that point the same way,

    Fri, 29 Jul 2011 18:17:32 UTC | #855632

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