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Go to: Bishop of Tenerife blames child abuse on the children

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Spinoza said: "It is also frightening to me how many lay-Catholics have said to me "You know, maybe if they let priests get married, this would solve all the problems.""

Well, I actually sort of agree with that. If they let priests get married, then perhaps dirty pedophiles would not be so quick to become priests. I think the reason there are so many of them in the priesthood is because the priesthood is seen as somewhere you can run to if you feel disgusted with your own sexuality, and want to hide somewhere that you're not expected to like adult women. So, traditionally a place for homosexuals and pedophiles.

Now that homosexuality is becoming more accepted in the community, homosexuals aren't becoming priests, and so the only people left as priests are the pedophiles and those really deluded folks that actually believe in the whole god thing...

Wed, 07 Apr 2010 14:10:00 UTC | #456754

Go to: Pope Mass hints at fightback against abuse critics

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The article says "He changed the law so that sexual offences committed with anyone under the age of 18 would be a crime in Church law."

Umm, I don't see anything about whether the sex is willing or not. Or what the punishment is. What is a "sexual offence" in this context ? That which is against the laws of the country ? Or something else ?

I don't see anything about handing the offender over to the real authorities.

Sounds like he would treat a mutual kiss with a 17 old girl the same as raping a 7 year old boy. Hide both from the secular authorities, but punish by making him move parishes....

The pope should start going for rides in a convertible that doesn't have a glass shield. Let God decide if he should be "retired".

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 12:51:00 UTC | #453649

Go to: Vatican vetoes Barack Obama's nominees for US ambassador

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Wait a second. Wait one second. There are people who think that putting a Catholic as the US ambassador to the vatican is a good idea ?

Being a Catholic should absolutely disqualify someone for that position.

Catholics think the Pope is God's representitive on earth, and are required to do what he says.

Would we allow a devoted supporter of the Russian president to be the US ambassador to Russia ? Or a Nazi sympathiser to be the ambassador to Germany in 1940 ?

You've got to be joking.

Wed, 15 Apr 2009 01:30:00 UTC | #348046


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My email:

Mr Bruininks,

I am an Australian living in the UK, and had never heard of your University until I started reading PZ's blog. The esteem and affection he holds for the University of Minnesota is obvious to everyone who reads his blog, and is of incalculable value to your University's reputation.

If myself or anyone I have contact with was in a position to be dealing with your University at any point, I would not hesitate in recommending it as a place which obviously values freedom of expression and free enquiry.

I trust that the recent controversy surrounding PZ's "Cracker" comment, and particularly the call from Bill Donohue to sack PZ, will not cause you to take any undue actions.

I implore you to use this controversy as an opportunity to further enhance your University's reputation by condemning Bill Donohue, and expressing your commitment to PZ, and to freedom of speech.

Best Regards,

Fri, 11 Jul 2008 06:11:00 UTC | #198039

Go to: Religious groups want Russian cartoon channel shut down

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The Consultative Council of the Heads of Protestant Churches in Russia sent a letter to Chaika on Wednesday, accusing 2x2 of promoting "cruelty, violence, homosexual propaganda, religious hatred and intolerance" by airing cartoons such as "South Park,"...

It might be a good idea if those bozos actually watched the show.

Cruelty ? No, it might show it, but it does not promote it.
Violence ? Same.
Homosexual propaganda ? If "propaganda" means treating people like equals, then they're guilty.
Religious hatred ? Appropriate lack of respect certainly. Hatred ? Definately not.
Intolerance ? Emphatically not. They're all for tolerance. It's the heads of the protestant churches that are against tolerance.

Wed, 19 Mar 2008 04:38:00 UTC | #138966

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