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Yipe what tripe !!

No wonder poetry is a dying art.

Hey I see that the New English Review is having a meeting in my fair city in June and our man who wrote this disgusting mess will be there. If y'all want me to go and report on the event just help me raise the entrance fee and i will hop right over .

Sun, 07 Mar 2010 05:56:00 UTC | #447175

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Do we regularly post things from over 4 years ago? To me unless there is a link to something more current I do not see the usefulness.

Sat, 27 Feb 2010 15:11:00 UTC | #444562

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Steve you state

"It is about not being casually insulting and rude to people who generally don't deserve it."

You are wrong. Any person who chooses to live in such a manner that they find anything spoken or written about their beliefs (which does them no actual harm) so insulting that they become violent do completely and totally deserve it. They are in fact begging for it, demanding it, asking for it and a healthy society must give it to them in order to retain said health !

Mon, 04 Jan 2010 21:06:00 UTC | #428446

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zengardener LOL beautifully said !

As much as I love the idea of SETI, the math simply makes it a waste of money. It is rather like the fact that I love the idea of winning millions in the Lottery but the math tells me to spend my dollar on an ice cream instead.

For me the death knoll to the probabilities is the fourth dimension. No one ever seems to consider that the chance that our brief period of radio receptive/transmitive capabilities must line up exactly with the same time frame for an alien civilization and that these two overlapping time frames must happen on planets within the requisite number of light years of one another. The low probability of this happening overwhelms all of the other factors so the entire excersise become regrettably, a waste of resources.

Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:39:00 UTC | #398273

Go to: The Demystifying Adventures of the Amazing Randi

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I find this article a perfect example of the death of journalism. Pure blather from a liar and a thief (Geller) is presented along side with the thoughts of the honorable and brilliant (Randi). The writer makes no effort to determine the validity of anything. He also seems determined to find what he can to put down skeptics (following Randi like a religion, drunk , Randi and young boys , financial problems ....)

This thing annoyed me so that I sent a letter to the the author to express my disdain for his writing. I encourage anyone else who feels the same way to do so also.

Sat, 29 Aug 2009 16:57:00 UTC | #392844

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