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Go to: Students must learn about other religions: judge

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thomas guihen: «I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they have a creationist zoo in Quebec. »

No, no we don't. And we don't have megachurch. Or creationists (in the public space, or in our schools).

Sun, 06 Sep 2009 03:37:00 UTC | #394757

Go to: Quebec parents protest ethics and religion course

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Posting from Quebec.

Bonzai: «I think the parents protest because they fear this new curriculum will lead to an erosion of Quebec's identity»

I'm not sure about that. If we can remove what's left of the power of the Catholic Church over here, it would be a good thing. Personally (and from a few folfs I've talked to), I think that the day where the Vatican and it's puppets will get the hell out of here, our cultural identity WILL finally start to shine. We will be recognized for what we are: 7,5 millions of french-speaking Canadians (Quebeckers), liberals, pro-choice (for abortion and euthanasia), who don’t give a shit if you smoke some weed (we’re on the good way for that), who don’t give a shit if you drink booze and you’re under 18 years old (but not too young either), against the war in middle east and a bunch of people who like to party hard.

I’m pretty sure that some (I give you appoint on this: cultural identity may be a part of the equation) of the people who are protesting against that are a bunch of nut jobs or people who are misinformed: what would happen to religion if we show to kids that they’re all equal in their foundations (nothing)? You get it…

Like someone said before: Your fairy birthday is not more important than any other fairies birthdays.

P.S: (Comment #370492 by Bonzai)
You Damn right man!

MarcCountry: «I mean, these are the same people for whom 'tabernacle' is a curse-word, the same part of the country where the lyrics to the national anthem (in translation) speak of carrying "the cross" and "thy valour steeped in faith"...?»

The fact that we use Tabarnak (with a ‘k’ at the end) as a curse-word shows exactly what’s going on here:
A random guy: Tabarnak!
The priest: Don’t say that, it’s a holy word!
A random guy: Eh, just watch and learn buddy.
So that’s exactly the opposite. When we say it, it shows how we don’t give a damn about that (Even in the TV news, when a guest says tabarnak, fuck (in English) or shit, there’s no beep). And for the national anthem, I’ve just learned something (we never hear it anyway).

Mitch_486: That a good link, but its complete bullshit (the poll, not your fault). That’s what’s tricky about Quebec, if you ask someone:
Are you Catholic?
He’ll answer yes.
If you ask him: Do you believe in transubstantiation?
Do you think the pope was elected by God?
Do you think Jesus was born of a virgin?
Do you think he performed miracles?
What do you think about the pope?
Fuck him
What about abortion?
I’m pro-choice
What about euthanasia?
I want to choose when I die, when I’ve got my entire mind (P.S: Fuck the pope again)
Do you go to church?
The hell with that!
What about condoms:
Feels good man.
What about premarital sex?
Yes please!
Then why do you call yourself a catholic?
I was baptized when I was a baby.

You see, that’s why polls about religion (polls that don’t actually give the definition of what is a Catholic) are complete bullshit. People here call themselves “Non practicing Catholics”, in other words: atheist/agnostics who received 200 ml of magic water on the forehead when they were babies.

Mon, 27 Apr 2009 15:15:00 UTC | #354033

Go to: Islam subway ads cause stir in New York

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Islamists should forgot about ads in New-York for a few decades.

And right during 9/11 anniversary, weird coincidence. They should put an atheist ad: Imagine no religion.

Tue, 22 Jul 2008 15:01:00 UTC | #204859

Go to: Pope confirms sexual abuse apology

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"and added that the function of being a priest was incompatible with sexual abuse."

So if I understand, sexual abuse is only incompatible for priests?

Sat, 12 Jul 2008 21:24:00 UTC | #198894


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Dear President Robert H. Bruininks,

I am writting you this e-mail to support one of your employees and his blog, Dr. PZ Myers, in his action for "cracker's equal rights". I believe that equality and freedom of speech are the basis of our democratic society, and that no craker is above or under others crakers. Therefore, I hope you will take into consideration this aspect in your decision about complaints that some Catholics made about him (and his view that an Eucharist is not worthy of making threat of physical violence on people).

I am also worried about death threats that Dr. Myers received (I hope these threats will be considered in the procces).

With all due respect,
Dominique Poulin, Quebec city, Quebec, Canada.

Thu, 10 Jul 2008 14:17:00 UTC | #197483

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